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Britney Spears, Missing Dogs, And An Altercation With Her Longtime Housekeeper At The Heart Of Police Investigation

A couple of days ago, news broke that Britney Spears had allegedly been involved in an altercation with her housekeeper, a woman who had worked for the singer for a long time. At the time, it was alleged there had been an incident over her dogs and that police were called in to investigate. Now, details of the story are breaking and it seems Ms. Spears’ pups disappeared earlier this month, in an incident she allegedly is blaming father Jamie Spears for.

When we first learned about this alleged incident, Britney Spears was reported to have slapped a phone out of her housekeeper's hand after said housekeeper apparently took her dog to the vet. The housekeeper then called deputies and later went to the Sheriff’s office to file a report about the incident. Her side of the story? Spears was upset because the housekeeper had told her she wasn’t taking care of her pet well and things escalated from there.

At the time the report broke, the “Hold it Against Me’ singer’s team told TMZ that the claims were fabricated. Britney Spears did not get involved in a physical altercation with the housekeeper and she also did not cooperate by speaking to the Sheriff’s Department over the matter. That may have been the end of the story if not for a second report about her dogs actually being missing.

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Today, news has broken that Ms. Spears lost the dogs earlier this month. They were reportedly taken away after a dog sitter and a housekeeper on the property believed the dogs were not properly cared for. The dog sitter apparently took Britney’s two dogs to the vet--and then just never brought them back.

Britney Spears apparently called the cops to report a theft (not uncommon among celebrities), according to Page Six, earlier in August. However, the former X Factor star ultimately declined to file a police report over the incident, though it is now believed the theft call was about the pups. Then, this week, apparently the singer and subject of the Free Britney movement was still concerned about her dogs, believing her father Jamie Spears had something to do with their disappearance from her home, according to a separate TMZ report.

This is when she allegedly decided to confront the housekeeper about the dogs, where they were and why they were no longer in residence at her home. In the latest version of events, the housekeeper pulled out her phone and reportedly showed Britney Spears what she feels was evidence of neglect on her device. Spears allegedly thought the housekeeper was trying to take photos of the home. A scuffle supposedly ensued.

Ultimately, the singer’s camp says the phone was knocked out of the housekeeper’s hand, but it was an accident and not an altercation. The housekeeper says Britney Spears was upset and struck her in the arm.

At the time of this writing, the whereabouts of Spears’ dogs are still unknown, and they have yet to return home. Previous reports have also indicated the signer spends tens of thousands of dollars on the dogs each year. However, in regards to the question of whether or not Jamie Spears, who recently stepped down as his daughter's conservator, was involved, reports say he’s “in the dark” about what is going on in his daughter’s personal life. We’ll keep you updated if any more details related to this case break. The Ventura County Police Department says it is still investigating.

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