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Friends' Matthew Perry Is Reportedly Set On Getting Back In Shape After HBO Max Reunion Criticisms

Matthew Perry on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Fans of the iconic, long-running show Friends reveled in the HBO Max special reunion that brought all six of the stars back together again almost 20 years after the show ended its run. Even though it’s expected for a person to change a great deal over almost twi decades, some fans were alarmed at how Matthew Perry appeared during the special. Apparently, the criticisms regarding the Chandler Bing actor's appearance in Friends have encouraged him to take action, because Perry is now seemingly on a health kick and getting back into shape following the reunion.

Despite the fact that Matthew Perry is a human and ages just like any of us, he has been bearing the brunt of hurtful comments and according to OK Magazine, has begun working out with a trainer and started a clean nutritional diet. The magazine states it spoke with one of Perry's friends, who says the actor is determined to get his health back on track.

We can’t all be Jennifer Aniston, who still, and probably always will, looks like an ageless goddess. While Matthew Perry and Aniston are actually both the same age and the youngest of the Friends stars, they are both in their early 50s now. It’s easy to get caught up in Hollywood’s standards of beauty, but Perry's appearance honestly isn't out of place. If anything, we're just used to seeing the 20-something version of the actor on Friends.

It wasn't just the actor's physical appearance that seemed to have worried fans, though. During the reunion special, Matthew Perry seemed to be lethargic and slurred his words, which led some people to believe he may have been drunk. Those close to Perry quickly came to his defense, and there were also claims that he had just come from getting some emergency dental work done, which was allegedly the reason for the speech impairment.

Matthew Perry's reported new health outlook is great to hear, especially considering what he's been through in the past. He's previously had struggles with addiction and has even admitted he doesn’t remember filming some parts of Friends as a result. The star also came forward with feelings of high anxiety on the set of Friends, saying he felt major pressure to make the studio audience laugh.

It's not easy being in the public eye, as comments about one's appearance and/or personal life can be draining. But Matthew Perry response to the noise is certainly admirable. The actor's friends and family are sure to be behind 100%, and his fanbase will likely show support as well. And they'll actually have the chance to support in him in the months to come, as Perry is starring in this year's Don’t Look Up, a new Netflix film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

If anything, this situation is a reminder that celebrities are people, too, who can be hurt just as much by someone's words as any of us would be. It'll be exciting to see Matthew Perry's progress as time goes on but, right now, all we can do is wish him the best.