Candace Cameron Bure Shares Feelings About Promoting Hallmark Movies Even When Things Aren’t So Great In The World

Aurora Teagarden Til Death Do Us Part Trailer

This weekend, veteran Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure released Honeymoon, Honeymurder, the latest installment in her popular Hallmark Movies and Mysteries franchise Aurora Teagarden. It was a great week for Aurora fans, but Bure knows there’s been a lot of news recently that maybe hasn’t been as positive or uplifting as a feel-good Hallmark movie. Still, the show must go on (in fact Hallmark movies were among the first productions to return to filming following quarantine), but the star wanted to address why she’s often promoting her work even in the face of bigger problems going on in the world.

In short, the Fuller House star feels a little weird about having to be all positive and cheery when things are maybe not so great for everyone, everywhere. She took to her Instagram Story to acknowledge that not everyone may want happy news about filming a fun Hallmark movie when they are dealing with high vaccination rates or a loved one in the tumult of trying to exit Afghanistan.

Hey there, I’m popping on in person because there’s so much heaviness on my heart with what’s going on in Afghanistan and Haiti. The vaccine. All the division and hate. I’m just praying and my heart is heavy. And at the same time I have a job and I have a movie coming out on Sunday and I know this sounds like an awkward transition, but you’re going to see my feed all full of promotional stuff. So, I just wanted to come on her and say, it’s just weird because we all have to work and do our job and that’s part of my job. At the same time it feels odd promoting stuff with such heaviness going on in the world.

Candace Cameron Bure’s feed has often been filled with all kinds of fun and inspirational content. There’s stuff from her Hallmark sets, of course, but she’s also good for a few workout videos a week and does some promotional work for brands she believes in, as well. Still, she said she’s “not unaware of how insensitive or awkward it may look at times,” but she always wants her own social media to be a ray of sunshine, even if things aren’t going great. She also told her fans:

I still always want my feed to be a happy place that you can come and get a break from the world.

One of the parts of Bure’s social media that has seemed to resonate with a lot of people is her ability to get candid about a slew of topics, whether that be eating healthy, maintaining a healthy sex life with her husband Val Bure, or sharing big life moments, like when her son left for college (which also happened this weekend). She’s not afraid to address controversy either, as happened when a recent post was deemed too “sexy” or some trolls called her out for being “fake.

Ultimately, Candace Cameron Bure usually keeps her feed focused on what is going on with her personally, so it’s not a huge surprise that other world issues don't factor prominently into what she's sharing. But it does seem like she is connected to what is going on in the world and does occasionally feel odd when she has obligations that may feel silly or unimportant in relation to bigger issues at a given time. Still, I'd be willing to hedge my bets that her fanbase is looking for an escape, which is precisely why they may have started watching Hallmark movies in the first place.

Jessica Rawden
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