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Ted Lasso Creator Responds After Daily Show Writer's Critique Sparks Viral Debate

Ted Lasso took the pop culture world by storm with its positivity in a downer time and had many excited for what was ahead in Season 2. Now that we're weeks into Season 2, however, there are some who aren't nearly as thrilled about the show in its sophomore season. One notable person upset by Season 2 is The Daily Show's senior writer Daniel Radosh, who posted a viral thread on how Season 2 isn't as good as Season 1, and even perhaps bad. Ted Lasso's co-creator and showrunner Bill Lawrence had to respond and defend his series.

Bill Lawrence seemingly read the 16-tweet thread of Daniel Radosh, and based on his response, took the criticism to heart. Lawrence typed a much less lengthy response to Radosh, which contained a mix of shade and a message to him and anyone else that it may be too soon to judge Ted Lasso Season 2.

Daniel. That thread. Oof. Must feel a lot like when Daily Show switched from Jon to Trevor and all the haters went nuts without giving it a minute. (I’m actually a big fan of both). Our entire first season was 8 weeks long. We have 7 weeks left…I feel like we’ve set up a lot. Maybe you’ll dig where it goes. Maybe not. And look, I watch tv the same way. This just stung more than usual. Not sure why, yet. I’m usually Teflon. Still, no biggie. I just now feel you’re obligated to watch and report back either way. TV!!

Bill Lawrence's response was solid, though it's worth noting Daniel Radosh's original thread had plenty of people willing to go to bat for Ted Lasso. Fans reached out to point out the same thing to Radosh that Lawrence did, that Season 2 isn't even over yet.

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Other Ted Lasso fans were not so kind and slightly confusing in their response. Take, for example, this response that applauded the strong female characters of Ted Lasso and pointed a finger back at Daniel Radosh for what she suggests is a personal problem he has about the way women are portrayed.

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For all the criticism Daniel Radosh received about his thoughts on Ted Lasso, he also got support. There were supporters who certainly agreed that as much as they loved Season 1, Season 2 of Ted Lasso hasn't delivered quite the same way.

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There were even some fans brave enough to critique Season 2 on Bill Lawrence's tweet following his response. Surprisingly though, Lawrence was completely cool with the criticism and had nothing but kindness for one fan in his replies.

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Ted Lasso Season 2 has certainly gone in a different direction from Season 1, which saw many in the show initially opposed to Ted. In Season 2, most everyone is friends, so there is a very real tonal shift that could be an adjustment for fans. As stated, though, there's still plenty of show to watch, so perhaps some of that conflict could appear before the season is up.

Ted Lasso airs new Season 2 episodes Fridays on Apple TV+. Speaking of Season 2, CinemaBlend's own Alexandra Ramos was a big fan of the latest Christmas episode, so be sure to read all her thoughts on that here.

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