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OnlyFans Has Reversed Ban On Sexually Explicit Content, But Not Everyone Is Happy

The past year has been bizarrely noteworthy when it comes to "websites causing controversies for banning certain adult content," with Pornhub having previously excised tons of videos from unverified users for various reasons. More recently, OnlyFans dropped the shocking announcement that it was banning its users from uploading sexually explicit photos and videos for subscribers, despite sex workers and sexually open celebs making up a huge portion of the site's user base. Now, it appears agreements have been made behind the scenes that no longer make the ban necessary, as it were, and OnlyFans has now publicly reversed course.

OnlyFans took to social media with the news that it would continue to allow sexual content on the site, although the language, timing and reasoning did not bring about a whole lot of reassurance among users and sex workers in general. Here's their post:

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Obviously no larger explanations were shared over Twitter, with the company then stating it would be sending follow-up emails to content creators, some of whom have become overnight millionaires. So while the details are still hazy, it would appear OnlyFans' issues with securing advertisers' financial support have been resolved. Whether that's due to financiers and banks suddenly changing their moral codes, or OnlyFans execs finding new payment avenues elsewhere, it's unclear. The company was previously putting more focus on bringing more non-adult content to the table, though it doesn't seem like their efforts have been monumentally successful.

Regardless, the sudden about-face has not earned a lot of celebratory responses from OnlyFans' adult-oriented content creators, as many have already suffered consequences from the company's earlier announcement. From customers prematurely cancelling subscriptions to job-hunting via other websites, online sex workers faced immediate panic at the concept of a sexual content purge, considering OnlyFans is a full-time job for many. As such, many didn't have time to wait around hoping that the company would make it all work out a week later.

Some, like the user below, pointed out that OnlyFans only stated that it would "suspend" its ban, without noting any permanence behind that stance.

Suspended....not cancelled ....Sex workers...proceed as planned as we should have multiple streams of income They have been trying to onboard celebrities and other ppl to backfill us and someone has realised logistically its a nightmare and they will lose money.

The user below was very clear in her belief that OnlyFans' flip-flopped decision isn't going to completely erase all the damage it's already caused, and she advises other users to find alternate video sites to work with.

Do you honestly think that this is going to bring everyone back? Bc you're wrong. If you are thinking about returning to OF, think hard about that. They took our hard work, built their notoriety, and then threw us to the curb. No ty.

And while many others are filled with vitriol about the situation while placing all the blame on OnlyFans, there are indeed those who understand the company's dilemma, and understand the nuances involved. Still, not even all of that crowd things it's handling things in the proper way.

It’s like they’re saying we hear you, but we do not care about you.

It will probably be fairly obvious before too long just how impactful OnlyFans' ban and subsequent reversal will be to the user base and to the millions of subscribers keeping the cash flow going for sex workers, YouTube celebs, TV actors and other creators. But if this and other instances are any indication, we'll probably hear about it on Twitter

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