Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Who Won The HOH, And What It Could Mean For Week 8

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 23 Week 8 HOH. Read at your own risk!

Derek Xiao tried his best to stay in the Big Brother game but couldn't do enough to sway the house to keep him over Claire Rehfuss. In the end, the result still removed another non-member of The Cookout, which means the majority alliance (which is still under the radar) only has a few more Houseguests to take out of the game before they complete their Final 6 deal.

Another week means another chance at exposure, though, so it was vital The Cookout got one of their own as the Head of Household in Week 8 to continue the plan. Did that work out? Let's get into this week's winner and how they will likely run their Big Brother HOH.

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Tiffany Mitchell Won The Week 8 Head Of Household

Tiffany Mitchell cried two weeks ago when she missed the Head of Household by answering a question wrong, so there was something extra special about this win. The Big Brother Houseguest will finally get her pictures of her son and mother, and most importantly, finally, have direct control of the house.

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How Tiffany Will Probably Run Her Head Of Household

I may be reaching here, but I think most Big Brother viewers know exactly what Tiffany Mitchell wants to do on her Head of Household. Tiffany has been dead-set on sending Sarah Beth Steagall home for weeks, so I have to believe her play this week is to ensure that Sarah Beth is sent to the jury at all costs.

The easiest way to get Sarah Beth Steagall out at this point is to nominate her next to Kyland Young, which would remove the one person that would take her off the block. Plus, Xavier Prather will be the third nominee this week due to his punishment tied to winning last week's veto, which would handle the rhetorical situation where Alyssa Lopez won the veto. Alyssa would save Xavier between the three in that situation, so Sarah Beth would be stuck on that block unless she won the veto. That's not impossible, but it does highly stack the odds in Tiffany's favor.

One thing beyond Sarah Beth's possible veto win that could hurt things is the mystery envelopes which contain an unspecified number of BB Bucks for each Houseguest. There's a chance that money, paired with America's money bestowed to Houseguests, could give Sarah Beth the 200 BB Bucks she needs to play for the Coin of Destiny.

A lot of pieces would need to fall into place for that to happen, plus Sarah Beth would then need to beat out the other competitors for a 50% chance of guessing a coin flip to steal the HOH from Tiffany Mitchell. She'd need a lot of luck and America behind her for that to happen, and based on her HOH week, not sure I see that happening. We can only wait and see for sure!

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