Jason Momoa Shares Big Praise For Co-Star Dave Bautista Going Into Apple TV+'s See Season 2

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Season 2 of Apple TV+'s See has premiered to take viewers back to the far-flung future, when most of the human race has lost their sight and there seems to be danger around every corner. The second season has also seen fandoms collide, as DC's Aquaman star Jason Momoa is joined by the MCU's Dave Bautista. And according to Momoa, working with Bautista was a pretty great experience.

Although Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista definitely don't play the best of friends on See, which premiered its second season on August 27, the fictional animosity doesn't extend to their real life dynamic. Speaking to EW about See Season 2 and working with Bautista, Momoa said:

I adore the guy. He's just such an amazing human being and a phenomenal actor. I love being around his energy, and I feel like he feels the same about me

In See Season 2, Dave Bautista debuts as Edo Voss, who is Jason Momoa's Baba Voss' brother. With the little matter of Edo kidnapping Baba's daughter two decades after Baba killed their father, there has been a lot of time for resentment to brew over the long separation. Plus, you know, the kidnapped daughter. Momoa's comments about Bautista couldn't be more different than what fans can probably expect of their characters on the Apple TV+ show.

Of course, just because Jason Momoa enjoyed working with Dave Bautista doesn't mean that their work together was easy, as any viewer who tuned into See Season 1 could probably guess. Momoa praised Bautista for rising to the challenge of performing fight scenes while pretending to be blind, in keeping with the post-apocalyptic nature of the See world. Momoa shared:

Think about doing a fight scene and not looking at the person you're gonna touch — that's absolutely terrifying. When I swing something at someone's face, I've really gotta be good. It's gotta be close, and, also, I can't make eye contact with that spot.

There's always a certain element of Hollywood magic that goes into producing fight scenes and post-apocalyptic settings, but the actors still have to do a lot of heavy lifting for See. And the experience was evidently as enjoyable for Dave Bautista as it was for Jason Momoa, if his recent pitch for a movie starring him and Momoa is any indication!

Dave Bautista's pitch is for a "Lethal Weapon type buddy cop movie directed by David Leitch," and I don't think I'm alone in thinking "Sign me up!" to that particular idea. In fact, Jason Momoa revealed that he found out about Bautista's idea via text, and his response was simply "Absolutely." Throw in Bautista's suggestion to do the movie in Hawaii, where Momoa is from, and I think this has the makings of something that could feature them in a far friendlier on-screen dynamic than See with the Voss brothers.

Whether or not this Hawaii-set buddy cop movie ever happens remains to be seen, but fans can definitely check out Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista together in a project with Season 2 of See, which premiered on August 27 and will continue releasing new episodes on Fridays on Apple TV+ as the fall TV season ramps up with exciting new releases both on streaming services and traditional broadcast networks. Plus, they're both part of the Dune cast!

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