Lisa Vanderpump Reveals The Cute Name She Wants Her Grandchild To Call Her

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Lisa Vanderpump has gained a lot of titles over the years: child actor, restauranteur, reality TV star, and executive producer. One could also call her a muse for Issa Rae’s latest HBO Max project. Furthermore, with her daughter Pandora’s recent pregnancy announcement, Vanderpump can now add "grandmother" to the list as well. But really, the Vanderpump Rules matriarch has a much better, much cuter name for her first grandchild to call her.

Given our similar Dutch ancestry, I was wishfully thinking that Lisa Vanderpump might take on the moniker of “beppe.” (It's a Frisian-dialect word that I call my own Dutch grandmother.) Alas, Vanderpump has other ideas for her own grandchild – and it's very on brand for the reality star. In an interview with PureWow, she revealed:

I think we always thought that I would be Nanny Pinky. Nanny Kay was my grandmother who died when she was 100 but was very close to me and lived on and off with us for 25 years. So, I always liked Nanny—it's softer. Grandma sounds a little austere. And obviously, Pinky because I’m passionate about the color. I’m a pink person.

No kidding. Bravo fans will fondly and frequently remember seeing Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Rosa mansion during her now-defunct Real Housewives of Beverly Hills days and on Vanderpump Rules. For the uninitiated, though, there's a lot of pink, a lot of flowers, and a lot of exotic animals roaming the grounds. So Nanny Pinky is not only cute but very fitting. It’ll be hilarious to see this grandchild interact with Vanderpump and her mini horses down the line, on whichever of her various TV projects.

Though a grandchild being on the way is good news, Lisa Vanderpump has faced many struggles of late. The COVID-19 pandemic not only put one of her iconic L.A. restaurants out of business, but it also complicated matters for filming Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules. And it goes much deeper than even that. Vanderpump also shared:

Life’s up and down and very turbulent. I had a very rough three years, losing my brother, my mother and then Giggy. And now to have a new baby on the way is very exciting.

Lisa Vanderpump’s brother, Mark, tragically died by suicide in 2018, and her mother only a year later due to a deep vein thrombosis condition. Giggy, her longtime pup companion who practically had a supporting role on Vanderpump Rules, passed away at the end of last year. But Vanderpump takes time to honor them in her own ways.

Despite the onslaught of tragic occurrences, it’s gradually becoming a time of celebration. Lisa Vanderpump is celebrating her pending grandchild and her new form of address. Meanwhile, Bravo fans are stoked that Vanderpump Rules' ninth season is wrapped and finally on its way to our TVs, with more mature storylines reportedly taking the spotlight.

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