First Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer Seemingly Confirms One Major Theory

After keeping fans waiting for abundant new Yellowstone footage for what feels like at least five or six eons, Paramount Network has finally unveiled the first official trailer for Season 4. As you might imagine, the reason why the network has been so cagey about trailers is because most of its main cast was left potentially knocking on death's door in the Season 3 finale. And as frustrating as it may be, the trailer above doesn't offer any concrete answers about Kevin Costner's John Dutton, Kelly Reilly's Beth Dutton, Luke Grimes' Kayce Dutton, or Jefferson White's Jimmy Hurdstram. (Although Jimmy kinda looked the worst for wear.)

But while Yellowstone didn't offer a whole lot of confirmed facts about its core characters' fates, the new footage did seemingly prove that a fan theory is more legitimate than most theories are during any given show's off-season. The theory in question involves the moment from the Season 3 finale when Kelsey Asbille's Monica Dutton is on the phone with Kayce just before he was attacked. In the episode, it appeared as if Monica was reacting to something happening nearby on the ranch itself, even though the finale's major acts of violence took place in locations other than the ranch.

In the middle of the trailer, there's a moment where a gun-toting Monica and Brecken Merrill's Tate are running out of their house, with Forrie J. Smith's ranch hand Lloyd Pierce also completely up in arms. (Gun pun mostly intended.) It definitely looks like something big and threatening is happening on the Duttons' ranch when Season 4 kicks off, and with Kelsey Asbille having landed a new TV show, it's not wild to consider her death may be imminent. In any case, it's not clear if John will still be alive to see the aftermath. But he effing better be.

To go back to the aforementioned Jimmy, there's a moment in the trailer when he's being rolled over by the very person who continued convincing him to keep his rodeo dreams alive despite the risk of permanent injuries. And a slow clap goes to Jefferson White for looking as unconscious as a person can. It's almost impossible to think that he'll actually be killed off due to that accident, seeing as how the actor is meant to be a co-lead for the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff centered on the 6666 ranch in Texas. But it doesn't look good for him, regardless.

The trailer features a couple of moments with Will Patton's Garrett Randall, who looks like he'll be growing his influence in Jamie's life in Season 4, though that can't be very good for anyone constantly at odds with Jamie. Like, say, I dunno, the coldest beeyotch in the west, Beth Dutton.

Someone else who also won't lead to good things for the Duttons is Jacki Weaver's Caroline Warner, the CEO of Market Equities, which is currently the thorn in John Dutton's paws and the sword in his side. That said, it does appear as if she's talking to someone with hair that looks a lot like Beth's, but I don't want to get anyone's hopes up too high just yet. Oh, who am I kidding? BETH BETTER BE ALIVE, PEOPLE!

Yellowstone Season 4 will make its long-awaited debut on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 7, at 9:00 p.m. ET, right in the midst of the 2021 Fall TV season.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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