Kevin Costner Is Stoking Yellowstone Fans' Fears About John Dutton

When Yellowstone debuted in 2018, it gave western fans something new to enjoy, and its popularity has likely had people searching out the best way to stream the series so that they wouldn't miss any of the action, family drama or double-crossing deals that go down on the show. The wait for Season 4 has felt exceedingly long after a host of cliffhangers rounded off the Season 3 finale, but now that the trailer for the new set of episodes has arrived, series star Kevin Costner is stoking Yellowstone fans' fears about Season 4.

It was announced in August that Yellowstone Season 4 will drop on November 7, but now we finally have a dramatic trailer for the new installment. Kevin Costner knows that viewers are very worried about the state that his character, John Dutton, was left in by the end of the previous season, and he took to Instagram to ramp up those concerns with a post about the new season. While proudly displaying the trailer and reminding fans of when the noted drama would return, his caption also said:

I don’t know if you’re ready for this one. #everybodypays

Oh, boy. As I'm sure you will recall, there was a lot of trouble to go around when Yellowstone wrapped Season 3. Costner's tough rancher was ambushed on the side of the road and got himself all shot up, being left for dead. In addition, two of John's kids, Beth and Kayce, were also subjected to extremely violent attacks, as well as ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstram. I seriously doubt that any of these folks will get out of the finale's events totally unscathed (Beth's poor assistant!), but the big fan fear is that one or more of them will actually die in the new season.

It's abundantly clear that all of these people, will, at the very least have a lot of recovering to do, but what does Kevin Costner's hashtag of "everybody pays" truly mean? Is this a sign that the Dutton family and their associates will, in fact, suffer some major losses in Season 4 that will impact them for years to come? Or, does this just mean that the sometimes (OK, frequently) internal conflict-challenged Duttons will have to find a way to band together once again to make outside forces wish they'd never tried to screw with them at this level?

You can continue to wonder as you check out Costner's full post, below:

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We'll have to wait about three months to find out the real answer to those queries, but my guess is that a bit of both might be true. I don't think there's been a Yellowstone season yet where somebody didn't pay for something, so I suppose we better hold on to our well-bred horses in preparation for a Season 4 comeuppance where, you know, all the people will pay.

Yellowstone will return on November 7, but for more to watch in the meantime take a look at our 2021 fall TV schedule!

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