Manifest Cast And Even Stephen King React To News The Show Has Been Saved By Netflix

In true twisty Manifest fashion, Netflix announced that it will be giving the cancelled NBC series a fourth and final season, notably spreading the news on August 28, also known as 828 Day in the fandom because of the series' central mystery flight number. Many fans had been theorizing that that exact outcome would happen, and people were definitely happy when the streaming service confirmed Season 4's existence. Much of the cast took to social media to celebrate the news, with other celebrations coming from super-fans like Stephen King.

The legendary horror author is one of quite a few famous fans of Manifest, and Stephen King has indeed taken to social media on multiple occasions to make his voice heard in the #SaveManifest campaign. Shortly after Netflix announced the news, he relayed the good news on his own Twitter account and it’s safe to say that he is definitely excited.

Creator and showrunner Jeff Rake has consistently kept fans updated on any renewal news following the NBC cancellation, and has obviously been very on board with the renewal campaign train. So he was obviously very excited to share the news on Twitter that the fans deserve the credit for saving Manifest from oblivion, saying:

Josh Dallas also made sure to give the proper credit where it was due by telling fans they're responsible for Manifest's resurrection. The fandom has been working non-stop since the NBC cancellation in June and now they can finally sit back, relax and excitedly wait for what’s to come, as far as Dallas is concerned.

Melissa Roxburgh went a simpler direction when it came to reacting to the news. While she’s been very sweet about the campaign, even speaking out a few times after the cancellation midst the drama's massive streaming success on Netflix, the actress responded to Netflix’s announcement with a single emoji that says it all:

Just like co-star Josh Dallas, J.R. Ramirez quoted the show's narrative-driven “It’s all connected” quasi-catchphrase when reacting to the news on Instagram. He also made sure to put a little something in there for the fans, since it really is all them that made it happen:

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Following her heartbreaking performance in the final minutes of the Season 3 finale, Luna Blaise took to Instagram to thank the fans for helping get a fourth season. Fans last saw Olive Stone locked in the basement desperately calling out for her mother — and it was an emotional moment to say the least:

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The newest cast member on Manifest, Holly Taylor, also celebrated the news and thanked the fans as well. As Angelina, Taylor had a pretty intriguing end to her story in the Season 3 finale when she stabbed Grace and took Baby Eden with her, meaning things are only just beginning to get interesting with her character. She also started things off with an exaggerated scream, posting this message:

AHHHHHHHHHH this would've never happened without the amazing #SaveManifest campaign led by the fans! it’s all you. such exciting news

With Manifest getting a fourth and final season that will be 20 episodes on Netflix, fans will likely get the conclusion they have been hoping for. There is no telling when Season 4 will premiere but fingers crossed it will be no later than 2022, because I’m not sure I can wait any longer to find out what happened following the Season 3 cliffhanger.

In the meantime, all three seasons of Manifest are streaming on Netflix, and you can keep track of all the other shows debuting soon with our 2021 Fall TV schedule.

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