Yellowstone's Cole Hauser Drops An F-Bomb As Stars Talk Dutton Family's Revenge Coming In Season 4

Paramount Network's Yellowstone will deliver some of the most-anticipated TV episodes of the year when Season 4 finally rolls around in November, with fans desperate to know the aftermath of the Season 3 finale's mega-cliffhanger. The stars and producers are playing things close to the vest in the lead-up to the new season, with Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly and Luke Grimes completely absent from the new behind-the-scenes sneak peek at Season 4, so that we'll keep guessing about John, Beth and Kayce's fates. Thankfully, Cole Hauser and other cast members are here to basically confirm that whoever attacked the Duttons will be taking dirt naps real soon.

Yellowstone released an "Inside Season 4" video, which features lots of interesting tidbits and quick shots of new footage. And while it's fine and dandy to start getting excited about how Wes Bentley's Jamie will further his relationship with his biological father, the best moments start around the halfway point as the stars begin addressing the mountain of hell that is destined to explode all over the Dutton family's enemies in Season 4. Here's what Mia actress Eden Brolin and Ryan actor Ian Bohen had to say:

EDEN BROLIN: You know that anytime someone puts the Dutton family in harm's way, there's gonna be some kind of revenge.IAN BOHEN: Naturally, we want to figure out who did this. You can could only imagine what kind of force might be unleashed against the bad guys.

Mia will already be emotionally wrecked when Season 4 starts off, given Jimmy's unconscious state the last time viewers saw him, and it's not entirely clear how willing she'll be to stick around and fight for the ranch. But the actress is fully aware of what the situation is. The same goes for Ian Bohen, whose ranch hand Ryan will 100% be taking part in whatever brawls and battles come out of this mess.

But I think we can all agree that the more amusingly ominous and cheer-worthy responses come from Ryan Bingham and Cole Hauser:

RYAN BINGHAM: Oof. The wrath that will be coming upon someone...COLE HAUSER: Everybody's going to get fucked up.

Put. That. On. A. Shirt. A big picture of Cole Hauser's Rip Wheeler looking like a badass, with big, bolded block letters saying: Everybody's Going To Get Fucked Up. It could serve as both a party shirt and a "getting revenge for assassination attempts on my ranch family" shirt. Perfect for all occasions, really.

Rip would no doubt feel upset and vengeful if something terrible happened to Kayce, but the devil will truly come out of him if either Beth or John Dutton is mortally wounded. I imagine he'd dig a hole straight through the center of the earth if it meant he could serve some train-trip justice to whoever was responsible for the attacks. I also feel like Rip is going to end up beating the shit out of Jamie even if he had nothing to do with anyone getting hurt.

Interestingly enough, Wes Bentley does slyly address the idea that Jamie might have something to do with one or more of his family members being targeted. I can't fully get on board with that idea just yet, even knowing what his biological dad is like, but I do like that as an option. Since, if we're being honest, there's like a 95% chance that Beth will blame Jamie for it anyway, and she'll be perfectly vindicated for it. Check out the full video below!

With a two-hour premiere set to keep fans busy, Yellowstone will return to Paramount Network for Season 4 on Sunday, November 7, at 8:00 p.m. Be sure to keep up with all the other big shows hitting primetime and beyond soon with our 2021 Fall TV schedule, where you'll find premiere dates for Taylor Sheridan's new show Mayor of Kingstown with Jeremy Renner and the Yellowstone spinoff prequel 1883.

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