Jeremy Renner Asks What People Think Of New Footage From Mayor Of Kingstown, His Show From Yellowstone's Creator

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Jeremy Renner is officially on the way to streaming television before the end of the year. No, that doesn't mean that Disney+ has finally revealed new details about the upcoming Hawkeye, but he'll star in Paramount+'s Mayor of Kingstown, which hails from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. Sheridan co-created Mayor of Kingstown with Hugh Dillon, and the show follows the McLusky family in Kingstown, Michigan, where incarceration is an industry. The first trailer for Mayor of Kingstown has released, and Renner wants to know what people think about it.

The Mayor of Kingstown star, who will share the screen with Friday Night Lights' veteran Kyle Chandler for the Paramount+ series, took to social media to post the footage for the new show, and included a message and a question for folks following him on Instagram. Renner posted:

Happy to share with you. Let me know what you think?

Fortunately for Jeremy Renner, the fans who responded in comments on his post only seem to have positive thoughts about the new Mayor of Kingstown trailer. The prevailing feeling seems to be that anybody who checked out the trailer and took the time to comment can't wait to see the full series.

In the day since the post went up on Jeremy Renner's account, it has already accumulated more than 1.3k comments. And in fact, one came from a pretty big name: Orlando Bloom. The Pirates of the Caribbean and Carnival Row star went for emojis to express his feelings:

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Others in the comment section were quick to compliment the cast and admit that they're going to have to check out Paramount+ for the series. One person even referred to Jeremy Renner and Taylor Sheridan as a "Dynamic Duo" after working together first on Wind River and now Mayor of Kingstown, then wondered why Renner hasn't appeared in Yellowstone yet.

And Jeremy Renner also found some Instagram Stories reactions he liked, with one making particularly fun use of extra graphics to show how excited they are about the new show. He reposted in his own Stories:

Whether or not Mayor of Kingstown will become a major hit remains to be seen, but the show has put together a strong cast, and Taylor Sheridan had the magic touch with Yellowstone. If Mayor of Kingstown's level of success is even somewhat comparable to Yellowstone, then Renner will have a major TV success story independent of whatever happens with Hawkeye when Renner reprises his role as the MCU's top archer. Check out the Mayor of Kingstown trailer!

Mayor of Kingston received an order for a ten-episode season from Paramount+, and the first episode will premiere on Sunday, November 14. The premiere will also be simulcast as an event on Paramount Network on November 14, in a prime time slot: following an episode of Yellowstone Season 4. If you haven't already and are now interested in checking out Jeremy Renner's new show outside of the MCU, be sure to check out Paramount+ for Mayor of Kingstown.

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