Below Deck Star Claps Back After Fans Make Comments About How Her Baby Looked In The NICU

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There was a lot of baby drama in the last season of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht. At the reunion, Alli Dore announced she was pregnant (and her ex-throuple partner Gary King was most assuredly not the father). The drama apparently can't stop, won't stop, either, because recently some fans made some insensitive comments about Dore’s baby ending up in the NICU, and she's not having it.

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht’s Alli Dore gave birth to her son, River George, with her partner Benny Thompson on August 26. He was born a few weeks earlier than his due date and had to spend some time in the NICU as a result. But apparently, certain fans are making comments about his life-supporting tubes during his hospital stay, which can be seen in Dore’s Instagram pic below:

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In general, most of Alli Dore’s fans, as well as her Below Deck: Sailing Yacht co-stars like Dani Soares, Daisy Kelliher, and Captain Glenn, have been congratulating her on the birth of her baby. Many have also been sharing their own struggles of their children being in the NICU. However, outside the love and support, Dore has been faced with commentators actually poking fun at her son's premature status and the necessity of his tubes in the NICU. But the new mom is hitting back at the insinuations being made. She wrote in a post on her Instagram stories:

Really sick that people will still troll a newborn baby of photos in hospital. I don't care what is said about me but multiple people making fun of my baby's tubes, are there no limits? When will this type of behavior be made a law? Bullying and verbal assault on the internet is still verbal assault. I'm certainly not the first person who has thought this and sadly will not be the last. Time for some change!

It is a sad state of affairs when even a helpless baby in the NICU isn't immune from Internet trolls. Nevertheless, Below Deck: Sailing Yacht’s Alli Dore and her baby are physically safe and healthy, with Dore reporting in her Instagram stories on September 15 that they were heading home for the first time together as a family.

River George is in fact on the growing list of Below Deck babies born over the past year. Ousted Below Deck stewardess Hannah Ferrier gave birth to her daughter Ava in October of 2020. Ferrier actually commented on Alli Dore’s announcement of her son’s birth, saying,

He is so gorgeous honey!!!!!! Sending you love and always here if you need anything.

Also, Alli Dore’s Below Deck: Sailing Yacht co-star Dani Soares gave birth to her own daughter Lilly in May. Soares has been frank that it's been a tough journey for her, too, as a single mom in a country under a COVID-19 lockdown. There's been no word yet as to whether Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux has managed to get a paternity test done since the birth. (His social media has been defunct since his last post caught him some backlash.) But Soares and Dore at least have each other. Dore even stated at one point that Soares could cross a few Australian provinces and live with her if necessary.

The Below Deck baby boom brings some much needed love and innocence back into the world. Hopefully, what the Internet trolls will learn from this is you don't mess with a mama bear where her cubs are concerned.

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