Kaley Cuoco Legit Had 3 Shoe Changes At The Emmys To Match Her Dress

Kaley Cuoco The Flight Attendant Gold Dress 2021

Fashion moments are often called out at awards shows, usually because celebrities choose outfits that are totally memorable-- in either good or bad ways. This weekend at the Emmys Kaley Cuoco stunned in a neon yellow dress she seemed to be having just a fabulous time wearing. Cuoco has been known for fashion on carpets in the past, but this time around she had so much fun, in fact, that she legitimately had three shoe changes to complement her boldly-colored outfit.

To note, although neon yellow is a notable color for a dress, it's a less oddball choice than it might have been, given the dramedy star has often favored metallic golds or yellows in regards to past looks. Still, it's a color you typically see it less often on the awards show red carpet. Regardless, her team really pulled out all the stops with the look from head to toe, and I really do mean toe. In fact, the The Flight Attendant actress went from a strappy pair of heels to a comfy set of sneakers, and finally ended the night in slides. Her red carpet look was stunning and she shared it with her followers on Instagram.

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Kaley Cuoco knows her look was “one-of-a-kind” and called the Vera Wang dress just that in her comment accompanying the post. But this was just the first of three outfit changes… at least where her footwear was concerned. Second up? A pair of bright yellow shoes from APL in what looks to possibly be the brand’s Coastal Solstice line.

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Not content with comfy walking shoes alone, Kaley Cuoco finally donned a third pair after a night of Emmy festivities. That third look also came from APL in the bright yellow color and completed her dress accessories on Emmys Sunday. (Honestly, though, she seemed to have the best time in the covered shoes.)

Kelly Cuoco In Apl Slide at 2021 Emmys

At the awards themselves, Kaley Cuoco was actually in contention for Season 1 of The Flight Attendant -- a first Emmy nomination for the seasoned actress. Cuoco actually both stars in and produces the project, having chosen the HBO Max show as her follow-up to her lengthy tenure on The Big Bang Theory. She was up for Outsanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series opposite other big talent like Tracee Ellis Ross (black-ish) and Allison Janney (Mom).

Hacks star Jean Smart ultimately won. The Flight Attendant was also nominated for other awards, including Outstanding Supporting Actress (Rosie Perez) and Outstanding Comedy, the latter which ultimately went to fellow streamer Ted Lasso. You can see the full list of winners with our guide.

Kaley Cuoco is oft a favorite at awards shows, but as happened at the SAG Awards recently, she oft does not win the awards she's nominated for. She's joked about it in the past and has generally been cheery enough about her many awards nominations and few wins, given they've led to other opportunities. However, after her latest red carpet moment, at least one thing is for certain: She won over fans with her fashion.

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