Seth Rogen Wowed Fans With 'Scooby-Doo Chic' Look At The Emmys

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The 2021 Emmys got off to an unexpected start with a tent full of some of the biggest names in television performing their own Emmys version of Biz Markie's "Just A Friend," but Seth Rogen actually had fans talking before the broadcast even began. The actor and producer hit the red carpet for the Emmys, and Rogen was all but unrecognizable with a look that has been dubbed "Scooby-Doo chic." Jinkies!

Seth Rogen's Emmys look went heavy on a shade of orange that would have made Velma proud, not to mention a bow tie that really added the "chic." All things considered, Rogen was looking snazzy to strut the red carpet in a year when he was up for a potential win thanks to The Boys' nominations! Rogen also presented the very first award of the evening, announcing the winner for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

His comedy set about the outdoor ceremony actually taking place in a tent with a roof is bound to have people talking, but his fashion choices seem to be causing the most buzz. Take a look at Seth Rogen on the red carpet, and what fans think about it!

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I don't know what I would have pictured if somebody said "Scooby-Doo chic" before I laid eyes on the images of Seth Rogen in his orange blazer, but now I can't think of any more apt description. Especially since he's absolutely nailing it. Not many people could pull off that look and those colors and set the internet on fire in a good way, so A+ on the Emmys look to Seth Rogen!

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Velma isn't the member of the Scooby Squad who many people probably think of when it comes to characters to dress up as while hoping to be taken seriously, but I think Seth Rogen may have just revamped Velma's image a bit. While it's probably for the best that he went for the blazer and bow tie over a pleated skirt and orange socks, I like to think that Velma would be flattered. Who needs Daphne's fashion anyway?

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For some on social media, they were struck by Seth Rogen resembling somebody, but didn't connect all the dots to describe him as "Scooby-Doo chic" or with any particular resemblance to the Scooby Squad's bespectacled member. It certainly is a different look than he usually sports, red carpet or not. But hey, if The Boys was going to be in the running in one of the top Emmys categories, it's only right that he looks his best!

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One of the biggest differences between Seth Rogen on the 2021 Emmys red carpet and Seth Rogen as he's more often seen is the short haircut and clean-shaven face, and the lack of any beard is what really threw at least one person on social media off. I can't say that I disagree – I had to do a double take to make sure that this was indeed Seth Rogen when I first saw the man in the orange blazer! And one person summed up one of the prevailing opinions about Rogen in just a few words after he debuted this look:

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Seth Rogen isn't the only star to wow with his look for the 2021 Emmys, but he definitely had a lot of people talking very quickly, and not for a bad reason. It didn't hurt that he was the first celebrity to hit the stage after the Biz Markie opening number, and his jokes combined with everything else pretty much guaranteed that he'll be one of the most memorable parts of the CBS broadcast. Be sure to check back with our rundown of winners to see who gets to take home the trophies from the Emmys this year!

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