Why Kaley Cuoco Says Her Golden Globe Loss For The Flight Attendant Was Still A 'Win'

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Kaley Cuoco is known to always look on the bright side of life - [whistles] - and for good reason. Her life has been filled with brightness, from getting an early career start on TV to working with John Ritter and Katey Sagal to being on one of the biggest TV comedies of the modern era. Now, she's the star of HBO's acclaimed darkly comedic thriller The Flight Attendant, which already earned Cuoco a Golden Globe nomination for her work as the manic alcoholic Cassie Bowden. And though she ultimately didn't win the award, she still came out of it a winner in her mind.

Reflecting on the successes she's already enjoyed from The Flight Attendant's first season, Kaley Cuoco pointed out how missing out on winning the Golden Globe for Best TV Actress wasn't exactly a full-on disaster. In fact, that hilarious photo Cuoco shared after fellow nominee Catherine O'Hara won actually led to a new business relationship. Here's how she explained it to E!

[It] ended up being a win for me because Smirnoff called and they said, 'That's the kind of girl we want!' I'm like, oh my god, as much as I've lost this awards season, I ended up winning.

Now that's the kind of deal that you just know Kaley Cuoco's Cassie would sign up for, even if she had to use her own blood in place of a pen. At least through most of the season, anyway. Cassie's drunken antics and decision-making were the catalysts for most of her problems, so she'll probably end up downing more sparkling water and teas in Season 2 instead of imbibing on mini-bottles of booze that are hidden literally everywhere in reaching distance. A big congrats to Cuoco for turning a high-class loss into a money-maker with a single image.

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Though there was definitely some cheekiness involved with Kaley Cuoco's viewpoint there, she genuinely doesn't sound overtly upset about having her first Golden Globe nomination go unfulfilled. For one, she now feels like she's really starting to make effective headway with her career without having to rest on her Big Bang Theory laurels, so being recognized for that was a win in and of itself. Plus, Cuoco was endlessly honored to be nominated alongside other talented actresses, and she even found a way to celebrate losing to Schitt's Creek star Catherine O'Hara, whose character Cuoco has impersonated in the past. In her words:

Honestly, losing to 'Catherine the Great' was the best loss of my life. I was her biggest fan and would have voted for her myself. . . . To just see my name next to her, no one can take that away from me. That's a surreal experience.

If only everyone could be so gracious about everything in life. If there's a chip on Kaley Cuoco's shoulder regarding all things award-related, it's probably sour cream and onion-flavored.

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