Here’s Alexandra Daddario Going For It And Jumping Off A Cliff In A Bikini Like A Pro

In a move that simultaneously feels a little bit Baywatch and a little bit White Lotus, a bikini-clad Alexandra Daddario jumped off a great big cliff into the water below recently. Someone was filming the momentous occasion from a ways off and she later shared her big adventure with her fans.

In fact, the TV and movie star has been on adventures over the last few days with beau and film producer Andrew Form (whom she walked the red carpet with at the White Lotus premiere earlier this year) and she’s been spending a lot of time enjoying the water (and the sights).

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The cliff jump was a bit more daring than say, perhaps, just chilling on the beach, though. Alexandra Daddario even joked she was going to tell her kids it was a “100" foot height that she jumped from. Whatever the height, the jump ultimately worked out. Or, as her When We First Met co-star Adam Devine joked in the comments, perhaps it was a moment of “freak athleticism.”

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She did actually look a little nervous before she jumped off, but eventually seems to have gained the nerve and just went for it, looking like a pro as she went into the water. That’s a skill she might be able to use for The Amazing Race should she choose to go that route as The White Lotus creator and reality competition lover Mike White once did.

Speaking of The White Lotus, I now kind of feel it was a missed opportunity that Alexandra Daddario’s character Rachel Patton didn’t get up to more daring outdoor adventures. The show shot in Hawaii; I’ve seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I know you can cliff jump in that great state. Perhaps if Rachel and Shane had just gone cliff jumping rather than go on a pleasure cruise at dusk that also doubled as a memorial service for a dead woman, we may not have gotten the ending we did. Who can say?

Earlier this month, Alexandra Daddario told InStyle she had some travel coming up with Andrew Form, noting at the time a lot of beach days were in her future, which is a plan she seems to have followed through on.

I'm on a plane with my partner [film producer Andrew Form]. We are going to a beach where, like Shane and Rachel [from White Lotus]. We are going to lay by a pool and stuff ourselves at the breakfast buffet, only with a lot more love, better sex, and excellent communication

Alexandra Daddario has had a big year with the flick Die in a Gunfight and HBO’s White Lotus both coming out most recently. However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated in regards to whatever projects the actress has coming up, or you can keep an eye on her YouTube account to see more from her personal life adventures, which often involve her pal Kate Easton and a variety of oddball activities. It’s not exactly cliff-jumping, but what is?

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