Upcoming Alexandra Daddario Movies And TV: What's Ahead For The Songbird Star

She has battled cataclysmic natural disasters in San Andreas, power tool-wielding cannibals in the 3D Texas Chainsaw reboot, and her best friend (Kate Upton) over the affections of a handsome stranger (Matt Barr) while waiting for a plane in The Layover. Indeed, for actress Alexandra Daddario, a keen sense of variety has always been a defining aspect of her career and, based on what projects she has in store for both the big screen and small screen alike, that is a theme she seems intent on continuing.

The 34-year-old New York City native first entered the mainstream in 2010 as Annabeth Chase, the daughter of the Greek goddess Athena, in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (as well as in the second and final installment, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, from 2013). Alexandra Daddario is also best known as a TV actress from her role as Woody Harrelson’s girlfriend, Lisa Tragnetti, on Season 1 of True Detective in 2014. These days, she also keeps busy behind the camera as a producer, such as for the romantic comedy Can You Keep a Secret? in 2019, and as a humanitarian, having spent her own 32nd birthday raising money to provide mosquito nets for children in the African nation of Malawi in 2018.

In the world of show business, Alexandra Daddario does not have any known producing credits on the horizon at the moment, but plenty in the world of acting, as well as other notable efforts in which she is just being herself. We will cover all of that in the following breakdown of the upcoming Alexandra Daddario movies and TV projects in the works.

Alexandra Daddario and Diego Boneta in Die in a Gunfight

Die In A Gunfight (Post-Production) - February 12, 2021

Alexandra Daddario is known for love stories like When We First Met and action films like Baywatch, but not as often for stories that combine the two. Yet, romance and action are major elements of Die in a Gunfight, which is currently in post-production and slated for release on February 12, 2021.

The upcoming drama stars Daddario as Mary Rathcart, whom Rock of Ages star Diego Boneta’s Ben Gibbon falls in love with despite being the daughter of his father’s sworn nemesis. From director Colin Schiffli and also starring Vikings’ Travis Fimmel, Die in a Gunfight is a modern take on the story of Romeo and Juliet in the vein of a New York crime thriller and will beat out Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story as the first (and easily darker) rewrite of the William Shakespeare classic to come out this year.

Alexandra Daddario in Baywatch

The White Lotus (Miniseries - Filming)

Of course, darkness is not all that is to be expected in Alexandra Daddario’s forthcoming projects. In fact, she has a mini-series comedy event from School of Rock scribe Mike White for HBO in the works.

Currently filming in Maui, Hawaii, The White Lotus stars Daddario alongside a star-studded cast including Molly Shannon, Steve Zahn, Sydney Sweeney, and others as vacationers and employees at a tropical resort during one eventful week. Not much else is known about the plot of the six-episode social satire at the moment, but it already sounds like paradise.

Alexandra Daddario in Why Women Kill

Happy Life (Pre-Production)

Speaking of paradise, Alexandria Daddario has also signed on to star in the upcoming comedy Happy Life - the feature-length directorial debut of Central Intelligence co-writer David Stassen. However, the title of the film actually takes on a bit of an ironic meaning.

Evangeline Lilly, of Lost and Ant-Man and the Wasp fame, plays an unhappy woman seeking a new lease on life after she begins to suspect that her workaholic husband (Blockers star Ike Barinholtz - also a producer on the film) is cheating on her with an Instagram model, played by Daddario. The romantic dramedy is now in pre-production, but without an official release date scheduled.

Alexandra Daddario in Can You Keep a Secret?

Airborne (In Development)

Long before Alexandra Daddario signed on to play one of many struggling with a global pandemic in Songbird, the scream queen was set to star as one of many threatened by disease at 30,000 feet. Such is the plot of Airborne, an upcoming horror flick about a deadly virus that breaks out on board a commercial flight.

Daddario will lead the cast of the thriller, from 1922 director Zak Hilditch, as a flight attendant of the infected plane. However, more than a year after her involvement with the project was announced, Airborne remains in development for the time being.

Art Parkinson, Alexandra Daddario, and Hugo Johnstone-Burt in San Andreas

San Andreas 2?

On the other hand, we hesitate to even put the long-awaited sequel to San Andreas in the “in development” category. While there has been talk of a follow-up to the disaster flick, which saw much of the West Coast in shambles after a record-breaking earthquake, since it released in the summer of 2015, star Dwayne Johnson’s schedule and director Brad Peyton’s strive for originality have kept the production from breaking ground (pun intended).

However, Alexandra Daddario, who played The Rock’s resourceful daughter Blake Gaines in the film, has expressed interest in reprising her role in San Andreas 2, having since worked with Johnson in Baywatch and with Peyton for a deleted scene from Rampage, as well. Perhaps the actress’ support could be enough make waves and lead to another adventure that challenges the Richter scale.

Kate Easton and Alexandra Daddario on YouTube

Alexandra Daddario’s YouTube Channel

While fans wait for another San Andreas film and the other aforementioned projects involving Alexandra Daddario, they can follow her whereabouts on her popular YouTube channel, too. She uploads a new video of her own creation each week, which have primarily consisted lately of her adventures while in quarantine, alongside her roommate and fellow actress Kate Easton. Daddario has also used the channel to give fans behind-the-scenes peeks at her latest productions, create a voting campaign disguised as a sexy morning after vlog, and even show off some of her hidden musical talents.

Alexandra Daddario in Songbird

Recent Releases Starring Alexandra Daddario

The year 2020 was pretty stacked for Alexandra Daddario, particularly with the Satanic Panic throwback We Summon the Darkness, her second film as both star and producer, and her lead part as an English teacher running away from herself and right into trouble in Lost Girls and Love Hotels, based on Catherine Hanrahan's novel. Her smaller supporting roles are also worth mentioning, such as voicing, Lois Lane, in Superman: Man of Tomorrow and playing opposite Simon Pegg and Juno Temple in Lost Transmissions. Most recently, Daddario joined the star-studded ensemble cast of Songbird - a particularly timely thriller from producer Michael Bay about the struggles of surviving a global pandemic.

What do you think? Have the latest of Alexandra Daddario’s acting efforts helped keep you adequately entertained while much of Hollywood was at a standstill, or has it only made you want to see more new material? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates on the talented beauty, as well as even more inside looks into what is next in store for your favorite celebrities, here on CinemaBlend.

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