Wait, Did A Million Little Things' Creator Just Imply That Gary And Maggie Get Back Together?

A Million Little Things Darcy and Maggie talk in the kitchen.

Attention, Gary and Maggie shippers! It sounds like hope is not dead between your favorite cancer survivors on A Million Little Things. The ABC drama’s Season 4 premiere had Gary in a pretty bad way, as he tried to play off knowing anything about the attack on Peter, Sophie’s music teacher who assaulted her. With that situation happening at the same time as Darcy cranking the volume on their relationship — agreeing that she wanted to have kids with him — it looked like Gary might sarcastic joke himself right into a coma.

Gary has a lot on his plate already in Season 4, and it doesn’t sound like things are going to get easier anytime soon. A Million Little Things creator DJ Nash seemed to drop a hint that leaned toward Team Maggie in the Gary/Darcy/Maggie love triangle. When TV Insider asked Nash what was going on with Maggie in relation to Gary and Darcy, Nash said things are going to be “as complicated as they ever have been” for Gary.

I know the plan we have for that, and I’m excited for fans to see it, but there are some real challenges now because Gary is very much in love with Darcy. The family he wanted, it’s right there. We obviously will see whether what happened with Peter challenges that and threatens that.

It’s a small hint, but the way DJ Nash says the show’s plan for Gary’s future is complicated by how strong Gary and Darcy are seems to imply that Darcy is not his future. As things between the three are now — with Gary and Darcy talking about having kids and Maggie completely out of the picture romantically — even the mention of love triangle by the creator suggests that they intend to mix that up. If and when Darcy finds out that Gary was involved in Peter’s attack, that could definitely change her mind on wanting a future with him.

DJ Nash talked about how much fun the Gary/Darcy/Maggie love triangle is because of how passionate the fans get — and how split the fans are! Gary and Maggie were so great together, so it was a risk to have Gary get that serious that quickly with another woman. Nash said they weren’t sure how “Millionaires” would react.

I love that triangle. What I love most about it is when we first talked about it, we thought, ‘Is anyone ever going to really believe in Gary and Darcy?’ But when we got Floriana [Lima] to play Darcy, we really did. She is so charming, both on camera and off. She’s so fun to work with and to write for. I do love that there are fans who are Maggie endgame and refuse to see otherwise. Darcy’s got her fan base and it’s very active on Twitter. I love that, and I also love the people who were like, ‘I thought I was Maggie, but now I’m Darcy.’ I love that that has, from a story standpoint, not been determined.

There certainly is a lot up in the air, and the creator said the details of what happened in the Season 3 finale between Gary and Peter are going to come out “very, very fast.” Buckle up, Millionaires, because the Season 4 ride has just begun, and it's gonna be a long one. A Million Little Things airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays on ABC. Check out our 2021 Fall TV Schedule to keep up with all of your favorite shows.

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