#2) The Competing Law Firms Angle Was Already Getting Stale
Alicia getting fired was the best moment on television this year. It was the culmination of months of planning and years of feelings. It was shocking, warranted and completely brilliant. The fallout was fascinating too. Watching Alicia and Cary scratch and claw to steal clients, raise money and start their own firm was riveting to watch. Hell, it was even a whole lot of fun to watch Will and Diane blow their gaskets and try to right the ship at Lockhart/ Gardner, but the sad truth is over the last half dozen episodes or so, The Good Wife has gotten a little formulaic.

Instead of working on completely separate cases, Lockhart/ Gardner and Florrick/ Agos kept getting roped into the same drama. Now and again, it was nice to see them compete against one another, use all their knowledge against the other to try and get the upper hand, but honestly, how many weeks could we have watched that for? Could we have gone multiple seasons in which the two law firms repeatedly jabbed at each other, or would we have started to get episodes in which the two firms each worked on totally unrelated cases? Something needed to change. This was it.

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