If you were lucky enough to attend this year’s The Flash PaleyFest panel, you may have already caught the sizzle reel that Warner Bros. TV introduced looking at the latter portion of the CW drama’s first season. If you didn’t, however, we can certainly confirm that the rest of the season will actually sizzle. Spoilers ahead.
The trailer features moments fans have been expecting and moments fans who have been scouring interviews for information may not even know about. At the end of the day, whether you have been keeping tabs on where the series is going or aren’t currently caught up on the most recent episodes, there are plenty of spoilers in the following list, complete with pictures. Everyone still here? Awesome, let's talk about what the fuck just happened in that Flash trailer.

eddie Thawne
Eddie Thawne Switches Sides
Probably the most horrifying moment in this trailer, Thawne reveals himself to be suspicious of Barry Allen and his relationship with Ivy. After acting erratically, the sizzle reel cuts to a shot of Eddie Thawne approaching two police officers and shooting them with a gleeful look on his face. We have our theories about Eddie, but needless to say, it looks like he is rapidly heading off the rails.

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