Even though NBC has sadistically put an end to the future of the amazingness that is Hannibal, at least for the time being, this is still an incredible time to be both a horror fan and an avid TV watcher, particularly when it comes to hit movies getting boob tube adaptations. We’ve got stuff like Bates Motel and From Dusk Till Dawn out there, among others, and the future holds highly anticipated series like Ash vs. Evil Dead and an adaptation of Let the Right One In. (We’re still not quite show how to feel about Scream, but we’re warming to it.)

And so, even though the thought of more remakes is mildly off-putting, here are seven horror films that we know could stand the media jump from the big screen to the small screen. It’s only a matter of time anyway, right?

I’m sure some of your mouths are wide open, with smaller mouths popping out and screaming, “Blasphemy!” But seriously, even though science fiction TV is getting more prevalent across both broadcast networks and cable, there hasn’t been anything quite like Alien, which deftly mixes the mysteries of space and exploration with claustrophobic horror. The fact that it’s still as successful today as it was over 35 years ago is remarkable, and I absolutely think that Prometheus should have entered pop culture as a TV show, where its mythology could have been expanded and its characters could have been fully developed before they started making their insanely inane choices. Still, it wouldn’t take much beyond “creepy spaceship, deadly creatures, and masterful special effects” to give Alien a new life through a new story chapter. And if Ripley is involved, that’s even better. Way better, actually.

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