Brief spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 6 finale "Last Day on Earth" are below.

The Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead is going to be unforgettable due to the bloody final moments. Most of the main characters found themselves on their knees surrounded by Saviors and forced to listen to Negan speechify while brandishing a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. It was one of the scariest sequences of the series to date, and it saw the end of one of our merry band of survivors. Unfortunately, it didn’t show us which of the survivors stopped surviving, but at least there is a handful of characters who we don’t have to worry too much about over hiatus. So, take a break from trying to figure out who got a face full of Lucille and check out the list of big Walking Dead characters who definitely weren’t killed by Negan in the finale.

Jesus is one of the most exciting new characters introduced in Season 6, so it’s a lucky break for us as well as him that he was nowhere near Negan at the end of the finale. He’s been missing from the action since the storming of the Savior compound, when he came to the rescue of a trapped Heath and Glenn. Presumably, Jesus went back to Hilltop and is chilling with the survivors there instead of going on any suicide journeys between settlements.

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