9-1-1: Lone Star Boss Reveals Good News For T.K. And Carlos, Despite ‘Some Scar Tissue’

Rafael Silva and Ronen Rubinstein in 9-1-1: Lone Star.
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Fox first responder drama 9-1-1: Lone Star is finally past the four-episode ice storm saga. The intense installments, which kicked off the third season, did some serious damage within the Lone Star State. And with it, came a six-month time jump between the second season's finale and the Season 3 premiere, during which plenty of things had changed. One of the biggest developments was that fan-favorite couple “Tarlos” had broken up but by the end of Episode 4, T.K. and Carlos were back together. Now, there's more good news on the couple, in spite of some "scar tissue."

Through the latest episode, fans got a little more clarity in regard to why the paramedic and police officer broke up. T.K. revealed to his mother, within his coma dream, that he ended things after Carlos bought them a loft and put both their names on the deed. Though the two were separated for a little while, fans won't have to worry about the couple, as 9-1-1: Lone Star creator Tim Minear reveals to TVLine that, like every relationship, it has its ups and downs but will be worth it in the end:

Of course there’s going to be some scar tissue. T.K. was right about Carlos being a complete control freak. He’s also a little repressed, and he likes things neat and tidy, while T.K. is a little more of a force for chaos in some ways. Not everything is going to be perfect, and it’ll have its ebbs and flows like any relationship. They’ll have problems to work out, but I think they’re solid.

Via his dream, T.K. revealed that he viewed Carlos' decision to move forward with the loft as romantic but also as a “power move.” While it seems the two may have some stuff to talk about, it appears that, for now, they're fine. Tim Minear did, however, address the fact that T.K.'s struggle with addiction isn't going to make things so easy. Still, one would hope that he'll be able to power through his issues with Carlos by his side. 

As for the future of Tarlos, the couple will be taking things slow. The series' creator explained the important step the two took and even compared them to a fan-favorite couple on parent series 9-1-1:

I would say that this was even more of an important step than T.K. moving into Carlos’ place last season. Both of their names are on the deed. This is a big commitment. But I also don’t want to rush [marriage], and I don’t think they would rush it. But just like you would expect that at some point Chimney and Maddie would probably get married, that’s the road that all of these couples are going down if they’re serious.

Considering what both Carlos and T.K. have gone through, especially the latter, it’s nice that they aren’t rushing anything. Lone Star has done well when it comes to handling its characters and their relationships. T.K.’s development is a true testament to this, as he has come a long way from that first episode. At this point, he doesn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize his romance.

The two still have a lot to work through still. But the fact that they are back together and have moved into the loft together (specifically, Carlos moved in T.K. while he was recovering) should be comforting for fans. Fingers crossed that they don’t have any more major problems, because I wouldn’t be able to handle another Tarlos breakup. 

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