SNL's Five-Timer's Club: What It Is, Who's In It, And Why It's A Big Deal

Members of Saturday Night Live's Five-Timer's Club
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If you are a fan of Saturday Night Live, you may have heard of something called the Five-Timer’s Club — an exclusive organization reserved only for the great SNL hosts who have taken the stage at Studio 8H as a headliner at least five times. While, this “club” is really just a fun recurring bit used to poke fun at the long-running sketch comedy’s legacy and for celebrities to poke fun at themselves, being inducted as a member is truly nothing to take lightly either. We will explain why below, but first, a little introduction for anyone unfamiliar.

What Is The Saturday Night Live Five-Timer's Club?

While the first person to be inducted into the Five-Timer’s Club was former cast member Chevy Chase in 1985, the first mention of it occurred on December 8, 1990, when the actual creator of the bit, Tom Hanks — who has hosted enough times now to have his own recurring characters — toured the exclusive members lounge, where he socialized with the likes of Steve Martin and Paul Simon. The club has since been referenced numerous times in the monologues of subsequent inductees and in sketches that return to the lounge — most recently when John Mulaney joined in 2022. The Five-Timer’s Club gained its newest members when SNL Season 48 host, Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson, took the stage with musical guest Jack White on February 25, 2023.

Who’s In The SNL Five-Timer's Club? 

Woody Harrelson and Jack White became the 24th and 25th people to be inducted into the Five-Timer’s Club. See the full list of members — including the date of their first hosting gig, the date of their induction, and their total number of times headlining a show so far — below.

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HostFirst GigFifth GigTotal Gigs
Alec BaldwinApril 21, 1990December 10, 199417
Steve MartinOctober 23, 1976April 22, 197816
John GoodmanDecember 2, 1989May 7, 199413
Tom HanksDecember 14, 1985December 8, 199010
Buck HenryJanuary 17, 1976November 19, 197710
Elliott GouldJanuary 10, 1976February 6, 19806
Paul SimonOctober 18, 1975May 10, 19864
Chevy ChaseFebruary 18, 1978November 16, 19858
Candice BergenNovember 8, 1975May 19, 19905
Danny DeVitoMay 15, 1982January 9, 19936
Bill MurrayMay 7, 1981February 20, 19995
Christopher WalkenJanuary 20, 1990May 19, 20017
Drew BarrymoreNovember 20, 1992February 3, 20076
Justin TimberlakeOctober 11, 2003March 9, 20135
Ben AffleckFebruary 19, 2000May 18, 20135
Tina FeyFebruary 23, 2008December 19, 20156
Scarlett JohanssonJanuary 14, 2006March 11, 20176
Melissa McCarthyOctober 11, 2011May 13, 20175
Dwayne JohnsonMarch 18, 2000May 20, 20175
Jonah HillMarch 15, 2008November 3, 20185
Will FerrellMay 14, 2005November 23, 20195
Paul RuddNovember 15, 2008December 18, 20215
John MulaneyApril 14, 2018February 26, 20225
Woody HarrelsonNovember 18, 1989February 23, 20235
Jack WhiteOctober 19, 2002February 23, 20235 (as musical guest)

You may have noticed that Paul Simon’s total number of hosting gigs is only four. However, he has still been depicted as a member of the Five-Timer’s Club in multiple sketches and that might have to do with his numerous musical guest appearances (with Art Garfunkel or solo) and the fact that he is close friends with SNL creator, Lorne Michaels.

Why It’s A Big Deal

Die-hard SNL fans know that there is no actual club in which multi-time hosts like Steve Martin or Candice Bergen sip scotch in custom-made robes in a lounge backstage, but the Five-Timer’s Club does symbolize an achievement of notable importance. Hosting a cultural landmark like SNL is widely recognized as a sign of “making it” -- including for those who do not regularly act -- and being asked to come back at least four more times is a surefire indication of one’s impeccable performing skills, grand sense of humor, compelling onstage charisma, and reliability. Not everybody receives the chance to come back and some people have even been banned from the show, so being a Five-Timer is, most definitely, an honor to be proud of.

If you cannot catch the next induction ceremony as it airs or if you want to relive previous mentions of the Five-Timer’s Club, you can stream Saturday Night Live with a Peacock Premium subscription or even check out some of the show’s most popular sketches on YouTube, as well.

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