90 Day Fiancé Season 9 Is Bringing Back A Major Couple Along With Plenty Of New Faces

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90 Day Fiancé is a year-round franchise, so while Before The 90 Days (which has been wild) is in the back half of its season, the flagship series is coming back soon with Season 9. This season will introduce a lot of new couples and bring back perhaps the most popular couple of recent seasons as they prepare themselves for marriage or go their separate ways. 

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre are back in 90 Day Fiancé, and they’re joined by a heap of new cast members who may be the future stars of the show going forward. Let’s dive in and of course, kick things off with the couple we know the most about. 

Ariela and Biniyam on 90 Day Fiance

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Ariela and Biniyam

Ariela and Biniyam return to 90 Day Fiancé for their third season in the franchise, after Biniyam agreed to relocate in an attempt to save their relationship. Biniyam gained a lot of criticism from fans after hosting parties back in the couple’s home in Ethiopia while Ariela took their son Avi to the United States for hernia surgery. The two reconciled by the end of the season, but it’s more than fair to say the ordeal would take time to move past. We’ve seen plenty of evidence of Biniyam in the United States in the past year, which could serve as proof we’ll get at least one happy ending. 

Emily and Kobe in 90 Day Fiancé

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Emily and Kobe

29-year-old Kansas native Emily met 34-year-old Cameroonian Kobe while teaching English in China. The two met clubbing, and after a one-night stand and two weeks of dating, the two were engaged. Emily got pregnant soon after, and while they assumed they’d raise their children together in the United States, life had other plans. The pandemic made Kobe’s attempt to come to the United States a huge hurdle, but with restrictions easing, he’s finally able to reunite with Emily and meet his son for the first time. Hopefully, their connection can remain strong despite their close to two years apart. 

Kara and Guillermo on 90 Day Fiancé

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Kara and Guillermo

23-year-old Venezuelan Guillermo and 29-year-old American Kara first met in the Dominican Republic during Kara’s work trip, but when she relocated for her job full-time, things got more serious. Kara returned to the United States during the pandemic, but not before the two got engaged in the Dominican Republic. Now, Guillermo is in the United States, and there are teases that Kara’s partying lifestyle might not sit right with him. It sounds like drama, which is on par for 90 Day Fiancé.

Jibri and Miona on 90 Day Fiancé

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Bilal and Shaeeda

Missouri’s Bilal is a 42-year-old father of two, and he’s found love with Trinidad and Tobago’s Shaeeda. The 37-year-old lives with her parents and is intent on starting a family with Bilal. The tease for the couple states that Bilal isn’t sure he wants more kids, though, while Shaeeda is upset Bilal wants a pre-nuptial agreement. It sounds like a few stories we’ve heard before in 90 Day Fiancé, but who knows how it’ll shake out?

Jibri and Miona on 90 Day Fiancé

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Jibri and Miona

28-year-old South Dakotan Jibri was playing with his band in Serbia when he noticed 23-year-old Miona in the audience. The two became a couple not long after, and it’s noted that Miona dreams of the two living it up in Los Angeles. Unfortunately for her, Jibri just moved back in with his parents in South Dakota. I’m assuming the two will deal with some tension involving that radically different way of life, and 90 Day Fiancé also teases jealousy and family issues. 

Yvette and Mohamed on 90 Day Fiancé

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Yvette and Mohamed

25-year-old Egyptian Mohamed slid into the DMs of 48-year-old Yvette, who is living in New Mexico. Despite the age gap between the two, a relationship formed, and the two want to give love a shot despite the fact Mohamed is closer in age to Yvette’s 12-year-old son. Mohamed apparently has issues with cultural norms in the U.S., though, and the way Yvette lives her life. It sounds like bad news for this couple, but sometimes even the couples with the most problems end up being the ones to outlast the rest. 

Patrick and Thais on 90 Day Fiancé

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Patrick and Thais

Patrick is a 31-year-old Texan who fell in love with Thais while visiting Brazil to reconnect with his father’s family. Patrick showered the 25-year-old with gifts over the course of several trips, and now she’s finally coming to the U.S. with the hopes of them starting a new life together. Unfortunately, it seems like Thais’ expectation of an extravagant lifestyle may be unrealistic, and Patrick might struggle to move on from the problems of his first divorce in order to give marriage another chance. 

90 Day Fiancé premieres over at TLC on Sunday, April 17 at 8:00 p.m. ET. There’s still some time before the premiere, so be sure to check out what other new shows are just around the corner.

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