90 Day Fiancé's Biniyam Shibre Celebrated A 4-Second MMA Knockout And Son's Birthday During Same Banger Weekend

Biniyam Shibre upset about Ariela wanting to return to America.
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90 Day Fiancé star Biniyam Shibre has been in the United States for some time and is still trying to make his dreams of being a professional MMA fighter come true. Fans might remember his epic win that Angela Deem and others were present for, but that’s nothing compared to his latest four-second knockout win he scored the same weekend as his son’s birthday. 

Biniyam Shibre competed for 559Fights and put in some work against his opponent Joshua Simpson. Take a look at the full fight below that ended after two head kicks and some quick strikes, courtesy of Biniyam’s Instagram:

MMA fans might question whether or not that second kick would fly in an organization like the UFC, but all the same, that was quite a win for Biniyam. It looks like all that training at the gym is paying off, though he might want to stay away from any female training partners considering all that drama with Ariela during Season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé when she learned his sparring partner was a woman. If that happened again, I would imagine his MMA dreams would be over as quickly as that fight!

This win might not get the 31-year-old Biniyam any closer to a meeting with an MMA big wig like Dana White about a contract, but there’s definitely a market right now for celebrity fighters. Perhaps Biniyam can score a Jake Paul-sized payday by continuing to raise his profile with wins and get one large fight with a more well-known MMA organization in the coming year if he’s lucky. 

It was a busy weekend for Ariela and Biniyam as they managed to fit his fight in with a birthday party for their son, Aviel. Ariela shared a compilation of some footage of Avi, who seems to have grown a lot since he was on television last: 

It’s good to see that, despite all the past drama and questions about their relationship, life seems to be going well for Ariela and Biniyam. He is even managing to find new gigs outside of the MMA. Ariela recently shared a photo that revealed he’s working on becoming a hairstylist: 

You can’t help but respect the work ethic of Biniyam, who has come a long way from his days of dancing in a club with his ex and playing the “butt bongos.” Overall, this feels like a wholesome update for Ariela and Biniyam in general, who are posting a lot of positive things about their lives. Anyone who follows 90 Day Fiancé cast members on social media knows that’s not always the case, so hopefully, all this positive news means more fun for them during a future spinoff. 

Don’t expect to see Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre on 90 Day Fiancé throughout the rest of 2022, but I’d imagine they’ll return in the new year alongside many other shows on the 2023 TV schedule. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even see Biniyam have an MMA fight on television if he keeps it up. 

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