Gangsters seem to becoming a budding trend on television these days. HBO has two seasons of Boardwalk Empire under its belt, while Starz gears up for Magic City, coming this Spring. And now it looks like AMC may be bringing a small screen version of Goodfellas into our living rooms.

According to Deadline, AMC has put a Goodfellas TV series in development, which will be co-written by Goodfellas co-writer Nicholas Pileggi, along with Jorge Zamacona.

The 1990 film stars Ray Liotta as Henry Hill, a man who grows up to become a gangster. The film spans decades, telling the stories of Henry, his friend James Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) as they climb the ranks of an organized crime unit, dodging the law and trying to get (and stay) rich and powerful. The film is told over the course of years, taking place from the fifties to the eighties. While Deadline doesn’t get into the specifics on how the series will work in terms of the time period, comparisons to Mad Men with regards to the era suggest that the focus of the story will be set in the ’60’s, which would make sense as that’s probably the most glamorous period within the film’s story. It’ll definitely be interesting to see where things go with this project, including who is cast in the lead.

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