Aaron Ashmore And Luke Macfarlane Join Syfy's Bounty Hunter Adventure Killjoys

Syfy is on the road towards a potentially exciting renaissance, with a crop of new series aimed at more traditional science fiction fans. One of the network’s more questionable original tales is the bounty hunter adventure Killjoys, which just found its three lead characters in Aaron Ashmore (Smallville), Luke Macfarlane (Brothers and Sisters) and Hannah John-Kamen (The Hour). Will these three have enough chemistry to make you want to follow them all over the universe?

Written by Lost Girl creator Michelle Lovretta, Killjoys centers on three interplanetary bounty hunters who only follow the money as they travel long distances to capture their marks. Everything takes place within the Quad, a sectioned-off area on the outskirts of a massive class war happening between some planets. I’m rather unsure of just how large-scale this setting will be.

In any case, Ashmore will play a peaceful chap named John Jaqobis, who isn’t entirely unfamiliar with how to defend himself, since he’s a smartass with a penchant for overstepping his boundaries. Macfarlane will play D’avin, the hardass former military grunt who is an all-around pro with weapons and his hands…which are also weapons. John-Kamen will play Dutch, the attractive and lethal crew member who has an uncanny ability to earn people’s respect, usually with her wily ways. But, as TV Line puts it, “there is a maturity and deep solemnity stemming from a dark past.” Major deepness out in space, guys.


Will this be more like Firefly or like an average Syfy production? The network also has the space-based Ascension, The Expanse and a Blake’s 7 remake being made, so if this has to be the worst of that pack, so be it. There are other series Killjoys already sounds better than, such as the so-so-looking 12 Monkeys series or Z Nation.

I suppose I have faith in these three principal actors. Ashmore, brother of Shaun, played Jimmy Olsen through several seasons of Smallville before finding another meaty part as Steve Jinks on Syfy’s Warehouse 13. He has a burgeoning film career, and will next be seen in Alejandro Amenábar’s thriller Regression opposite Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke.

Macfarlane, meanwhile, was on the 2013 Canadian comedy series Satisfaction, not to be confused with USA’s current drama. He’ll also soon be seen in the Hallmark Movie Channel’s original flick The Memory Book. The British John-Kamen has had bit parts in series such as Whitechapel and most recently the crime miniseries Happy Valley.

Killjoys goes into production next month in Toronto, and is looking to get its ten-episode first season on the air at some point in 2015.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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