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When it comes to mysteries and secrets on TV shows, writers and producers often keep all the hush-hush info to themselves, only sharing it with people who are directly involved with the eventual reveal. Over on The Flash, arguably the biggest mystery behind Season 2 is the identity of big baddie Zoom, and it looks like actor Tom Cavanagh has already been entrusted with the secret, which he is perfectly happy to gloat about.

The most recent installment of the behind-the-scenes feature DC All Access dove into The Flash Season 2 to see what its stars had to offer by way of information, and after he goaded everyone else for not knowing, Cavanagh revealed the identity behind the show’s central antagonist is in his brain.
Oh yeah, it’s awesome. One of the best things we’ve done.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Of course he said it’s awesome, and of course he said it’s one of the best things the show has done.” And that’s basically how it goes when the stars of superhero shows are asked about upcoming events. But I happen to trust Tom Cavanagh more than the average actor – and it’s probably not just because he’s the opposite of both douchey versions of Harrison Wells – and if he says Zoom’s identity is a hallmark for the series so far, then I believe him.

After all, Cavanagh has been the guy with all the info for quite a while now. Having served as the face and body of Season 1 villain Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne, the actor is seemingly always in the know when it comes to the threats lurking around Central City (of either Earth). You’d think somebody would let Jesse L. Martin know, since he’s playing the cop whose job it is to know these things. Well, I guess it’s no one’s “job” to know the identity of the supervillain that can jump around from one parallel universe to the next, since that doesn’t come up much for today’s cops, but still.

During last week’s episode, fans got their first look at Earth 1’s version of Jay Garrick, who just so happens to have the name Hunter Zolomon, one of the characters who took up the Zoom mantle in the comics. But that was a little obvious and was probably just a diversion. Zoom could be anyone from Earth 2 Barry Allen to Jay Garrick himself to someone we haven’t seen before. But if the latter is the case, we need to meet the character soon to ensure that things are as awesome as Tom Cavanagh says they are.

You can watch Cavanagh and other Flash cast members talking about Season 2 in the video below.

Though it will presumably be several more weeks or months until audiences finally see who or what is under Zoom’s mask, there is still fun to be had tuning into The Flash every Tuesday night on on The CW.