3. The Sidekick
Another one of the driving storylines for Season 2 has been Roy Harper's transformation into Red Arrow. What I didn't initially anticipate, you know, since Arrow was famous for its realistic delivery, was that the kid would literally transform and obtain special powers. Unfortunately, being special isn't all it's cracked up to be when the source of the powers is the Japanese super-serum Mirakuru. Sure, the strength and tissue regeneration are nice but Roy could do without the psychosis, especially since he's starting to hurt Speedy. They didn't give Thea that nick-name for no reason. Ollie is doing his best to ensure that the 'miracle' doesn't turn Roy into a monster and, when the Mr. Miyagi training doesn't sink in, even ends up letting the sidekick into the Secret Society. How exciting! How long before Speedy finds out?

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