Will Arrow's Stephen Amell Appear On Supernatural? Here's Why We're Hopeful

Stephen Amell is no stranger to hopping away from Arrow to appear elsewhere on The CW, such as in crossover episodes with The Flash and the upcoming spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. But there’s the slight possibility that he might leave his quiver behind for the demon-filled world of Supernatural next year. Here’s why we’re hopeful it’ll happen.

First, it was announced yesterday that an upcoming Season 11 episode of Supernatural will work professional wrestling into the plot, which is both zany and understandable, given how off the beaten path Supernatural can get for random episodes. The one in question will revolve around a wrestling tour that gets hammered by some spooky incidents, and it’s presumed that Dean and Sam will be around to put a stop to it all.

As many of you probably know, Stephen Amell happens to be pretty experienced when it comes to professional wrestling, as he has had an ongoing feud with WWE superstar Stardust that culminated in a tag team match at this year’s SummerSlam. A match that Amell won, by the way, and he later received a Slammy Award for his efforts. And he’s also skilled in other fighting styles, so who better to add to this particular guest cast than Amell?

According to TVLine, the wrestling characters that will be introduced are regretful legend Gunnar Lawless, ambitious rookie Shawn Harley and female manager Rio. Amell would be perfect for the Harley role, and it’d be even more excellent if they got Stardust (real name Cody Rhodes) to take on the part of Lawless. This would create some awesome synergy for The CW to have Amell taking over an entire Wednesday night. I mean, even if Supernatural would add him to another episode that has nothing to do with wrestling, it would still be a good move for the network.

There’s one more hint that Amell’s guest spot might be a reality, and it comes from Amell himself.

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An obvious fan of the long-lasting drama, Amell posted this image fairly close to the time that the Supernatural episode info dropped. Sure, I believe in coincidences of all kinds, and this could certainly be one case. But what if it isn’t?

Supernatural will bring body slams and suplexes to audiences for Episode 15, set to air at some point after it returns to The CW in early 2016. Hopefully we’ll hear about some “surprise” casting news before then.

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