This article contains spoilers from the live feeds of Big Brother. If you don't want to know who won Head of Household after last Thursday night's double eviction, who was nominated and who won the Veto, read no further!

At this point, it almost didn't matter who won Head of Household. With the Exterminators locked arms throughout the last couple evictions, all signs pointed to them sticking together until they ran out of targets. McCrae did them a favor by putting Elissa up on Thursday night, and then he was left vulnerable after her eviction, being the lone non-Exterminator remaining and unable to play for Head of Household.

As we reported yesterday, Spencer won Head of Household put McCrae and GinaMarie on the block, and it seemed like he made McCrae think GM was the target, and that all the guys are working together. If McCrae has any clue that the rest of the house is in an alliance, he hasn't let on. Meanwhile, when GinaMarie, Spencer, Judd and Andy were alone, they celebrated the double evictions and all seemed to be in agreement that McCrae would go this week. "He cannot win Veto" was the consensus.

Of course, McCrae won the Veto. And as a non-Exterminator fan, I celebrate this news, but we'll get to that in a minute. The houseguests came back wearing unitards and capes, and they were talking about BB14's Ian, which makes me think he was a special guest host.

It seemed like there were a couple of Exterminator slip-ups in McCrae's presence. For one thing, none of them were shy about talking smack about Amanda in front of him. They also talked about Elissa, but given McCrae's relationship with Amanda, the stuff they were saying seemed especially obvious and insensitve. I think at one point, GinaMarie called Amanda a mutant, which caused Andy to laugh and tell her up front she shouldn't say things like that in front of McCrae. McCrae never said a word to defend Amanda, and given that he's still in the game and obviously the odd man out, I can't say I blame him, but I'm curious about how he feels about the comments or the way the houseguests were celebrating her exit (Andy wasn't so open about it, but he didn't seem especially sad either). McCrae also walked in on the Exterminators talking about something GM told McCrae. I don't remember the exact comment, but it was something Andy shouldn't have been talking to GM about, and if McCrae heard it, it might make him wonder, considering Judd and Spencer were also in the room.

And then there was a slip-up on GM's part when it came to Judd. Another HoH comp punishment involved Judd having to do exercises whenever an angry drill sergeant's voice came over the intercom. It seemed like this happened anytime anyone mentioned the drill sergeant, so there were moments when the houseguests would purposely bring him up just to see Judd have to exercise. And after all of the jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and lunges, it seems like Judd was going to be sore today. Someone pointed this out and GM automatically pleaded with the drill sergeant to lay off Judd. And then she quickly took it back. But if McCrae picked up on it, he might realize GM - who's on the block and should want every advantage she can get - wanted Judd to do ok on the Veto. Like I said, these guys aren't all that stealthy.

And then of course, the Veto comp happens and McCrae wins it. No one except for McCrae wanted that to happen, and it did, which means an Exterminator will go home next. It's just a matter of who. And that seems uncertain. Andy and McCrae were talking to Spencer after the comp and it seemed like Spencer was going to put Judd up. Andy was even pointing out to McCrae that Judd was really upset that he won (as though he's the only one). And then Judd came to Spencer by himself and all but begged him not to put him up. He thinks if he goes up, he has a strong feeling he'll go. He might not be wrong about that. When McCrae and Andy were talking to Spencer, they were talking like they weren't sure who should go, Judd or GinaMarie. So Judd could go if he's put up next to GM. Judd said something about "raising hell" this week.

Personally, I think his worst move is to act nervous. No one left in the house is especially great at strategy -- if they were, they'd be pushing to get Andy out, considering how many friends he has on jury (even if he has stabbed most of them in the back) -- and Judd has a closer relationship with Andy and Spencer than GM does. He should assume their loyalty to their faces as much as possible. If they're planning to send him packing, begging and acting nervous about it won't do anything (it didn't help him last time). But the more insecure he acts, I think the more Spencer and Andy will consider seeing this as an opportunity to get rid of him.

They're considering getting rid of GinaMarie. The thing is, she's hurt. She injured her foot recently, and something happened during the Veto comp that caused her to need stitches, so she won't be at her best for any physical comps coming up. That said, GM's tough and they all know it. Now might be the chance to get her out.

Judging by the way Andy's playing, he might force a tie for this vote, if Judd goes up in McCrae's place, and force Spencer to make the choice on who needs to leave. That could help him with a jury vote if he gets to the final two, but that's pure speculation. We still have to wait and see who goes up next to GM. Spencer did just tell GM that because she had his back, he'll have hers. So if it's a tie, he'll vote to save her. Interesting. (And to update: He did just tell GM that none of them can beat Andy because of how close he is with the jury members, so he may prove me wrong on my comment about strategy and actually put Andy up!)

Nothing is certain right now.We'll be sure to update you once the Veto ceremony happens to let you know who goes up!

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