Bill Lawrence's New Comedy Ground Floor Teaser Finds Love In An Elevator

TBS is bringing a bit more Bill Lawrence to their original programming this fall with the debut of Ground Floor, a new comedy starring Pitch Perfect's Skyler Astin, Scrubs' John C. McGinley and Cougar Town's Briga Heelan. The teaser above has fun with an Aerosmith song and an elevator that demonstrates the divide for those up at the top floor and those at the bottom. I guess that makes the elevator common ground?

That brings us to the premise of this comedy, which involves two characters from opposite sides of the corporate spectrum colliding:

Ground Floor is set in the modern world of corporate America. The show centers on Brody (Astin), a young hot-shot banker at Whitestone Trust who thought he was just having a one-night stand with Jennifer (Heelan), a beautiful woman he met at a bar. But when he discovers that she works in maintenance for the building where he works, their worlds begin to collide in the most unexpected way. Facing Brody’s critical boss, Mr. Mansfield (McGinley), as well as annoyed colleagues, the pair must find a way to deal with their growing feelings for each other in this modern take on Romeo & Juliet.

Two work environments both alike in dignity, in fair TBS where we lay our scene… Yeah, I'd watch that. Let's just hope this Romeo and Juliet have better luck with their relationship.

Also among the cast are Rory Scovel, James Earl, Alex Knapp and Rene Gube. Scovel plays Harvard, a know-it-all co-worker of Jennifer's who's secretly enamored with her. Glee's James Earl plays Derrick, a character who brings a laid-back quality to the office. Knapp, who shares a Pitch Perfect credit with Astin, plays Tori, "a sexy young woman who loves to hit the clubs every night." And Upright Citizens Brigade's Rene Gube plays Brody's "colleague Threepeat, a money manager in love with his hair gel."

Ground Floor looks like a fun workplace comedy to add to TBS' original programming, which includes the Bill Lawrence-created Cougar Town, due to return in 2014. Scrubs fans will likely want to tune in to see John C. McGinley back in a Bill Lawrence series, while Pitch Perfect fans may be more enticed by Skylar Astin's charm.

Ground Floor premieres Thursday, November 14 at 10:00 p.m. ET on TBS. View the full Fall TV premiere schedule here. Check out some photos from the series in the gallery below!

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