Blindspot Is Getting Way More Episodes, Get The Specifics

When NBC’s newest “one central thing leads to a bunch of other things” dramatic thriller Blindspot had its series premiere last Monday, it was watched by a solid number of people, both in total viewers and in the key 18-49 demographic. But now that a week has passed and the network has the Live+7 results at its disposal, NBC is so impressed with the show that it’s ordering a bunch of new scripts to fill out the back part of the season. Let’s all get a new tattoo to mark the occasion.

Specifically, NBC has ordered up nine additional scripts for Blindspot, which is a pretty sizeable order, even though it’s fairly normal for most network shows that don’t get the usual 21-to-23 episodes ordered initially. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that NBC will put these scripts into production, as downward shifts or other factors could cause them to back-pedal and opt out. But still, it’s always better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it. Such as dozens of markings across your body that connect to a major conspiracy. Jamie Alexander’s Jane Doe has tons of those.

So just how well did Blindspot do in the ratings? Well, when the numbers were first put together for Monday night, the episode had brought in 10.6 million viewers, with a 3.1 demo rating. After the next three days of DVR and online views were factored in, those results grew to 15.2 million total viewers and a 4.5 demo rating. That puts it above CBS’ sophomore monster hit Scorpion, and makes it the biggest hit of Monday night altogether, according to THR. I have to assume that it’ll be one of the top new series by the time the fall season is over with.

With an approach to storytelling that resembles the network’s own The Blacklist, Blindspot was created by Martin Gero and is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, someone who knows a thing or two about hit TV shows. The plot centers on the previously mentioned Jane Doe, who shows up in Times Square with no memory of who she is or where she came from, but she comes equipped with clue-ridden tattoos and a skillset that hints at a specialized past. Sullivan Stapleton plays an FBI agent who works with Jane to figure out who did this to her and why, all while uncovering a larger mystery that he’s connected to. It’s definitely a solid hook, and assuming viewers keep tuning in, we’ll get to see that mystery expanded upon for another nine episodes.

So just in case anyone thought that the pilot leaking online ahead of its premiere would be detrimental to its ratings, we now know that isn’t the case. It still didn’t quite give Empire a run for its money, but Blindspot has nothing to be ashamed of in the viewership department.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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