Bruce Jenner Explains When He'll Fully Become A Woman

Now that the dust has mostly settled following Bruce Jenner’s reveal that he fully intends on living the rest of his life as a woman, the conversation has started to revolve around the timing of that transition. And from E!’s recently aired two part special Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce, it looks as if Jenner will full embrace his female side as early as the spring, introducing her to his family and the world for the first time.

Now, when we say “spring,” we’re actually talking about this current season that we’re in, not Spring 2016, although Jenner’s words and his actions may not coincide exactly. The Kardashians special was taped “many months ago,” as per the introduction, and when the subject of his transition was broached, Jenner said it would happen “probably in the spring,” and Khloé asks if that means “Bruce is going to be gone within the next 4-5 months.” As well, Kim asks if the transition is happening “this year,” which Jenner confirms. So, technically, we could be right around the corner from an all new (to us) Jenner personality.

In the special, Jenner says that he hasn’t scheduled a gender reassignment surgery, although at other points he seemed to be saying that a surgery was imminent, even though he makes it clear that getting rid of “the little thing down there” is hardly the most important part of the process, and is the last thing to do. Jenner also talked about the other surgeries he’s had, such as a nose job and some procedures done to his upper lip and forehead, as well as a laryngeal shave. Regardless of when he becomes a “full woman,” Jenner is still a champion to the transgender community for allowing his transformation to be accessible to a general public that might not understand it as well otherwise.

The timing of everything in Jenner’s life is of course his own choice, but a lot of it is also being kept on the down-low so that his upcoming docu-series on E! will have a bigger impact with its information reveals. The special isn’t set to air on the cable network until Sunday, July 26, so we’ve still got two months of waiting to see what happens. Unless, of course, TMZ or some other tabloid outlet changes that.

Speaking of, check out the video below, in which Jenner makes his claims during clips from the two-parter.

Jenner’s 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer in April drew in around 17 million viewers, with a whopping 5.2 demo rating. E! will definitely want to get those kinds of numbers for the reality series, and there’s more than enough interest out there to make that possible.

Nick Venable
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