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As soon as you heard that there was a new follow-up series for Full House in the works – the Netflix series Fuller House, for those hiding under a rock beneath the Rippers’ tour bus – I’m betting the first thing that you started wondering about was who Danny Tanner had been banging all these years. (It’s entirely possible that no one is or was ever thinking about that.) Regardless, we now know exactly what his new love interest looks like, as it’s been revealed that CSI: Miami actress Eva LaRue will be the extremely polished apple of Danny’s eye.

LaRue actually made the announcement herself via her Twitter page, and I have to wonder if anyone told her it was okay to say something, since she was basically answering a fan’s question in doing so.

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Nothing wrong with that to us, though. According to previous reports, Teri was supposed to be an African-American woman, and I was admittedly quite excited to see Bob Saget getting hot and steamy in an interracial relationship. But I guess something got crossed in the lines with that one. She was also supposed to be youthful, though I guess being 10 years younger than Saget counts.

Assuming the rest of that earlier character description is still true, she’ll be someone with an appetite for Danny (and his OCD ways), and she won’t be hesitant to rain affection down on him. That probably means that instead of having D.J. and Stephanie get grossed out when Danny and Teri get romantic, we’ll have all the grandchildren making “ew” sounds while gagging on their Lunchables. Kids still eat that crap, right?

LaRue got her first big TV break back in 1988 on the soap opera Santa Barbara, and she later followed that up with several different stints on All My Children as Dr. Maria Santos. She could also be seen on shows such as Third Watch, George Lopez and, most notably, on CSI: Miami as Natalia Boa Vista.

And hey, while we’re talking cast members, HollywoodLife reports that actor Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit will return to the show to reprise his role of Nicky, and it’s expected that his brother Blake will return to play Alex. (Don’t expect those other twins to show up though.) We can also expect to see Steve, Becky, Joey and more coming back.

Fuller House will debut on Netflix at some point in 2016.

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