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Could Veronica Mars Return To TV? Here's What Kristen Bell Says

After the Veronica Mars movie was basically willed into being by 91,585 fans who donated almost $6 million dollars to the project on Kickstarter, we’ve been wondering what the chances were for another visit to Neptune, California. Well, according to Kristen Bell, it’s not totally unlikely that those involved could take another stab at the show.

The whole reason to create something is so people will love it and we have the best fans on the planet so we’re definitely still looking for the window where we could allow Veronica to exist again, whether it’s a miniseries or a short-run cable series.

Kristen Bell spoke with Entertainment Weekly, and revealed that plans for a new version of the show have never really died. She and show creator Rob Thomas remain close, and have been known to toss around other ideas that would see them working together again. But, Bell and Thomas always come back to the option of reviving Veronica Mars, she says, mostly because the fans love it so much.

Veronica Mars was a teen, neo-noir, mystery show that aired on UPN for two seasons and The CW for a final season, from 2004 until 2007. The show focused on Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), a tough, smart and resourceful girl whose best friend has been murdered. That murder leads to Veronica’s dad being ousted as town sheriff, and to Veronica losing all her rich, popular friends. Her dad opens up a detective agency where Veronica works and helps her dad solve his cases. Since her friend’s murder is unsolved, Veronica takes it upon herself to work the murder mystery, while also investigating smaller cases for friends and classmates.

The show became an instant cult hit. Audiences loved seeing a determined young woman take charge of her life after a year of loss and heartbreak, and try to turn those disappointments into something positive for herself and others. Veronica was a witty and determined protagonist who stood up for others and always tried to do the right thing, which frequently made her even more unpopular. Across those three seasons, Veronica also investigates her mother’s whereabouts, a deadly school bus crash, the murder of a college dean and her own rape, among other cases.

The idea that more Veronica Mars is not out of the question is a wonderful bit of news for all the, still faithful, fans of the series. Characters like Veronica don’t come along often, and to have a character like that who’s also surrounded by side characters we can easily take an interest in, is even rarer. It sounds like all we need to get ourselves some more Neptune adventures is for the stars to align so that everyone’s schedule opens up at just the right moment. And, if Veronica is on the case, that won’t seem so impossible at all.

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