How Veronica Mars May Come Back

Did anyone ever call a doctor about the revival fever that’s taken over TV in recent months? Or did they just call someone posing as a doctor, and that someone is actually Veronica Mars wearing a doctor costume? For the marshmallows that were hoping that last year’s Kickstarted feature wouldn’t be the last time the Neptune sleuth took the case, it seems as if a continuation could very well be the cards later down the line, and it might involve a jump back to television.

Show creator Rob Thomas was at Comic-Con this past weekend, using his brain to promote his current CW series iZombie, and he and the latter show’s cast spoke with TVLine. When the subject of Veronica Mars came up, Thomas was predictably cagey with his comments, but he opened up the franchise’s future in an interesting way.

Kristen [Bell] and I have talked about it, possibly doing a second movie or trying to take it out as maybe a short-run series like they’re doing. A Veronica Mars/True Detective is really appealing to us. That sort of thing.

Now, did he mean an anthology format, or did he mean Veronica, Weevil, Logan and Keith taking on some perverted murderers with supernatural undertones? I’m sure the True Detective reference was really just a modern day comparison to a meaty and twisty story with sometimes riveting characters. The cast isn’t getting any younger, so I’d have no problem seeing everyone go through more adult situations. Not that the case behind Season 1 wasn’t extremely adult.

It’s of course worth pointing out that Thomas said that no set plans are being made, and nothing is set in stone. Even if the development process officially started right now, Thomas is still busy working on Season 2 of iZombie, while Bell has Season 5 of House of Lies to focus on. A limited series probably wouldn’t go into actual production for another couple of years, and there’s no telling when it would be released. Still, that would serve as a decent amount of downtime, since it was six years after the show’s cancelation to get the movie happening.

Check out the interview clip below, and try to get the concept of more Wallace in your life out of your head.

So, maybe we can expect another Kickstarter campaign starting up in two years or so. Keep your wallets handy.

Nick Venable
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