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Entourage Cast Reflects On The Series Before Sunday's Finale

With the show's eight years coming to a close, my bitterness over the direction that Entourage has taken over the last few seasons is waning. I'm starting to actually feel a bit of nostalgia, a sense of loss for the characters that, at one time, I really did enjoy spending with on my Sunday nights. Well, these feelings can only be amplified a thousand times over for the actual boys that work on the show and this video offers a nice farewell to and from Vince, E, Ari, Drama and Turtle.

I want to take the time to highlight the early years and the pure, escapist fun that the first few seasons had to offer and how it capitalized on a growing cultural phenomenon - the need/want to peek behind the privileged doors of Hollywood and get a taste of the celebrity life. For a while, it tasted pretty good. In fact, I found this final season to be incredibly interesting and a great overall statement on the show. The season was a healthy mix of good fun and bad drama (not Johnny) that reflects the shows overall trend and/or slide from comedy to dramedy to drama. The show worked because it was so breezy. Because it offered us drones access into the perks of being a star not the pitfalls.

The really nice thing about this round table video from The Hollywood Reporter is we get to spend a few final minutes with the boys before the series winds down. They discuss everything from their fond memories of the show and what life may be like beyond their faux-celebrity lives. They also make a point of mentioning the possibility of a spin-off feature film but even that is starting to feel less and less likely, so this weekend could truly be the last time we get to hang with the Entourage.

Here's the video of the cast talking about their time on Entourage and the loss they felt when the cameras rolled for the final time (video via THR).

Entourage series finale airs this Sunday, September 11 at 10:30 p.m.