This may sound cliched, but this truly is a golden age of superhero television. Seeing superpowered and masked characters on the small screen in live-action is nothing new (it goes back to Adventures of Superman in the 1950s), but thanks to the popularity of these characters on the big screen and the improvement of visual effects, adventures that were previously only imaginable on the pages of a comic book can now be enjoyed in primetime while relaxing on your couch. No longer do you have to wait for a long-gestating tentpole movie to come out to watch an impressive superhero adventure unfold.

Because of the different genres within superhero stories, there’s a plethora of these shows available to the public, from the horror-driven Constantine to the action-packed Arrow to the sci-fi adventures of The Flash. By the time this TV season is over, six superhero shows will have aired, and that number will grow with confirmed shows like Daredevil and Supergirl and planned shows like Titans. We’ve gone ahead and ranked each superhero TV show currently airing so you can get an idea of what you should be checking out from the folks at Marvel and DC. 6. Constantine
6. Constantine
He may not wear a colorful costume or hide his identity, but John Constantine protects the world from demons and other magical threats, so his show fits loosely under the superhero category. Constantine had trouble getting its footing during the first couple episodes, but it’s now developed into an intense horror-filled adventure with cool special effects and strong character development. Unfortunately, its future is uncertain. At the time of this writing, Constantine is close to airing its season finale, and there’s no word yet on whether it’ll be renewed (either on NBC or another channel) or cancelled. If Constantine does return for a second season, it would be wise for the writers to start utilizing more mystical characters to join forces with John. Fans love team-ups, and if Constantine doesn’t exist in the same world as Arrow and The Flash, then at least throw in more DC heroes to join the fun. The teases were fine for the first season, but it’s time to start expanding should it move on.

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