First Look At Supergirl Villain Silver Banshee

Throughout its freshman season, Supergirl has proven itself a show eager to show off what the make-up and costume departments have going on, with comic characters like Red Tornado and Martian Manhunter coming to life with varying degrees of success. Perhaps it’s my dark nature, but I think Kara’s upcoming villain Silver Banshee is rocking a pretty effective look that doesn’t involve bulky prosthetics or cheesy CGI. Check it out in the video below.

Hot damn. Now, you could look at it as the kind of look that some goth girl would pull off during a weekend gig at a local haunted house, but I would counter that by saying that look would have been inspired by the Silver Banshee of the comics, which makes it perfect. I would actually take some CGI for her hair, to make it look like it’s got a life of its own. Otherwise, I’m pleased. Nothing says evil like mostly white contact lens.

Silver Banshee is the powered-up alter ego of Siobhan Smythe, as portrayed by Chasing Life’s Italia Ricci, who will be introduced in the next episode. This will be the human side, though, and it’s not quite clear when we’ll actually meet the screaming beast seen in Entertainment Weekly’s video above. But if the show is indeed building her up as a more formidable villain than some of the one-and-dones we’ve seen in the past, then it should be worth the wait.

Silver Banshee first came to life in the comics in 1987 as created by comic icon John Byrne, and was given her powers by an otherworldly entity called The Crone. Her villainous ways were the result of a hunt for an occult book, and it put her in the path of Superman and other DC heroes. Said powers include lethal sonic screams, super-strength and super-speed, as well as other sound-based abilities. In The New 52, Silver Banshee ended up befriending Supergirl, so it’s unclear just how her arc will play out on the CBS drama.

If you’re interested in seeing what Italia Ricci will look like as Siobahn outside of the heavy make-up, as she takes a job at CatCo, CBS released some episode photos showing off just that.


There are lots of exciting things coming to Supergirl in the coming months, including the arrival of Smallville’s Laura Vandervoort, the Flash/Supergirl crossover and much more. Don’t miss a single screaming second when the show airs every Monday night on CBS.

Nick Venable
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