First Look At The Flash And Supergirl Crossover

After months of slow-moving rumors about the possibility of The Flash and Supergirl crossing over, the epic superhero team-up was confirmed just last week. And actor Grant Gustin has zero chill when it comes to the upcoming episode, going wild on social media today as the episode went into production. Check out the first look at the two heroes side by side!

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If you wondered why you couldn’t hear yourself giggling with glee just now, it’s because it was drowned out by everyone else’s gleeful giggles. It’s pretty incredible that this shot is from the set of a broadcast network TV show, and not just somebody’s Mardi Gras costume party from over the weekend. The Flash and Supergirl are going to bust some skulls together!

Now, this picture obviously tells us next to nothing about what we can expect from the crossover episode, titled “Worlds Finest.” There are a slew of ways Barry Allen can fit into Kara’s universe, and both that title and the Supergirl reference in last night’s Flash episode seem to prove that the CBS series takes place on an alternate Earth than the one that Barry zips around on The CW show. Since we don’t know how The Flash is going to handle interdimensional rifts after Zoom gets defeated – which may happen at the end of Season 2 or it may not – we’re not quite sure just how many adventures Flash and Supergirl will be able to have after this initial outing. We’re hoping for the best, though.

Grant Gustin wasn’t just about showing people’s faces on Instagram, either. He also liked the look of the furniture set up for him on the set.

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I bet he took lots of other pictures that can’t be shared online, too. One of Melissa Benoist as Zoom. One of Barry in the Supergirl costume. Maybe a Vine of Mehcad Brooks’ James Olsen beating Flash in a race.

It’ll be interesting to see if Supergirl, the show with the bigger ratings of the two, will be assisted there by the Flash fanbase that might not normally tune into the other Greg Berlanti-created drama. The drama is heating up on Supergirl, which is also helping its numbers, and everybody loves a crossover, so I’m guessing we’ll see ratings closer to the series premiere.

Expect to see something similar to the top photo, only in live-action, when The Flash dashes over to Supergirl for the episode on Monday, March 28. Otherwise, you can find the super-series Monday nights on CBS.

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