Fox has released promotional photos of the lead characters in the second season of The Following. In addition to giving us a look at one of the newcomers joining the series this season, one photo in particular is especially spoilery — or not spoilery at all, depending on what you think will happen in Season 2 — so read and look ahead with that in mind!

Before we get to the spoiler pic, let’s talk about the newbie.


That’s Connie Nielsen, who’s set to play Lily in the second season of the murdery Fox drama. TVLine reported back in August that the former Boss star was joining The Following as a series regular, playing Lily Gray, “a Soho art dealer who finds herself in a bit of trouble.” Apparently, she and Kevin Bacon’s character Ryan Hardy form a connection, which creates even more problems for Nielsen’s character.

Nielsen’s a talented actor and great cast addition for the series, which could really contribute to the ratings. (Nielsen joke. Sorry.)

As for that thing that’s kind of a spoiler but not really a spoiler, among the handful of pics released by Fox is this one, which shows us James Purefoy as Joe Carroll, the presumed dead murderer and leader of a cult-like following.


Joe’s supposed to be dead, but there he is. Back in flashback? Back as a ghost or hallucination to one of his followers? Or just back because he was never really dead? We don’t know for sure, but the latter is very possible.

Note Joe Carroll’s beard, which we might attribute to him being hidden away somewhere, away from a razor? Or maybe he’s just let himself go. But he’s not the only one with a beard…


Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) is also sporting some serious facial hair there. Coincidence? Or should I add this to the stockpile of evidence I’ve scraped together to form my still-existing theory that Weston has infiltrated the FBI as one of Joe’s most loyal, super-secret followers? I may end up standing by that one until the series finale, regardless of whether or not it proves to be true.

The only confirmed follower of Joe Carroll to make the photos Fox released is Emma (Valorie Curry):


She’s looking blonder than usual, but the same amount of serious and lethal. Emma has proven willing to do anything for Joe Carroll. I’m assuming that includes making her hair look just like Jennifer Lawrence’s latest do.

The Following returns Sunday, January 19 for a special preview after the NFC Championship Game and then officially premiere Monday, January 27 at 9:00 p.m after an encore of the Season 2 preview on Fox.

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