This week New Girl is going “All In” with its Season 3 premiere so now is a good time to take a look back at where the sitcom left audiences last year as well as make a few educated guesses about where the comedy could be headed this season. Let’s start with a brief recap of the hit Fox series and what we know about the new season for sure before moving on to some plot and character speculation. Oh, and all with a little help from the cast. It’s a ‘recapreview!’ How adorkable. Is that still a thing?

Obviously, with a sitcom there aren't a ton of plotlines to catch up with which is why it only took the New Girl stars about a minute to recap the previous seasons as well as hint at what's to come. But, they didn't really get into the details, the nitty and or gritty, that go hand in hand with the series' two central relationships. Before getting into it though, I think it's also worth mentioning, since the subject is perhaps too sore for the cast to breach (or it simply wasn't written into the promo script), that the excellent situation comedy was completely and unjustly overlooked at this year's Emmys.

That makes no sense because New Girl is easily one of the best half-hours on TV. The stellar cast (especially Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield) and crew (like Liz Merriwether and Jake Kasdan) should have been recognized for their amazing work. Oh well, awards aren't everything and I'm just happy to have the show back for another season, something that can't be said about some of the other great comedies from last year. Like (un)Happy Endings. Of course, their loss is New Girl's gain but more on Coach later, first let's get back to the recap starting with everyone's favorite 'will they, won't they' relationship. Spoiler alert, they did!

And here's a video detailing 'The Evolution of Nick and Jess.' It was pretty clear right from the beginning that the two disasters (otherwise known as Jess and Nick) would eventually get together but I'm not sure anyone could have guessed the (oddly) realistic patchwork way that the pair finally hooked up. It started slow, with the two sneaking a passionate kiss weeks (well, episodes) before they would take the next step. And just when things were starting to heat up in the boudoir, Jess' dad (played by the great Rob Reiner) showed up to make everyone second guess their decisions.

As Cece's wedding crumbled around them, Jess and Nick went so far as to 'call it' before realizing that perhaps they should give the relationship thing a real shot. As for how that will turn out? Well, I can't imagine anything between the two ever being smooth so there are sure to be several bumps on romance road. Probably even a break-up or two? And they will also surely have individual struggles over the course of Season 3 (will Nick grow up and get a real job? how will the new school work out for Jess?general roommate related drama?) but all anyone cares about is the relationship, right? Am I right? Here are the casts' 'Season 3 Predictions for Nick & Jess'...

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