Homeland's Explosive Season 4 Trailer Puts Carrie In The Epicenter Of Danger

We’re still almost a month away from the Season 4 premiere of Showtime’s Homeland, but I’m already a complete lack of all things Nicholas Brody. Sure, we might hear about him when Carrie gets shitfaced and divulges too much information about her past to a one night stand, but Homeland’s history is gloriously absent from the first full trailer seen above. Oh, okay, so Carrie’s daughter is a fairy significant reminder that “Brody Wuz Here,” but Carrie ends up leaving the child behind, so it’s like she isn’t even there, right?

Say good night, Carrie. “Good night, Carrie.”


Now let’s get into Carrie’s new location: the Middle East. As the U.S. has pulled much of its military out of Afghanistan, there is still a pressing need for government spooks to remain present, and Carrie is just the person for the job. She spent three seasons bemoaning the fact that she was held to a domestic setting, so it’s time to see if she’s still got her front line chops. And having her car completely overrun by angry mobbers is a good way to do that.

One angle she’s working involves a bomb strike in Pakistan meant to take out “Number 4 on the Hitlist,” but it’s soon discovered innocent people were killed in the bombing. The evidence is a viral video that somehow survived the explosion, but we'll allow it for now. The son of the family killed becomes Carrie’s new pet project.

On the more official side of things, info about the terrorist came from Sandy Bachman (Corey Stoll), a CIA chief whose sources seem to be at odds with giving away good info. This, of course, puts him in Carrie’s crosshairs, but it also looks like Senator Lockhart might be “complicit” in some of the clusterfucks arising. My money is on Bachman doing some smooth talking to throw everyone off of his scent.


The rest of the trailer is basically everything we’ve come to expect from Homeland, only with 75% more civil unrest. Carrie disses Saul and then needs his help. Carrie and Quinn get into verbal arguments. Carrie gets into an argument with her sister. The only thing missing is Carrie admitting/denying that she stopped taking her medication. But you just know it’s coming. Also, we get to see Claire Danes' Popeye impersonation.


Find out just how far off the beaten path Homeland will go in Season 4 when Showtime brings viewers a double-episode premiere on Sunday, August 5.

Nick Venable
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