How John Stamos Really Feels About The Olsen Twins Not Coming Back

John Stamos has been on a roll recently. The actor has doggedly been promoting the upcoming Full House spinoff ever since Netflix announced the new series back in April. Things haven’t always gone so smoothly with Fuller House, as everyone decided to come back to the series except for the Olsen twins. John Stamos isn’t exactly bitter about the lack of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but he did throw some shade at the twins during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the middle of telling a story about hanging out on the set, Stamos made it clear he’s still a little miffed about the girls deciding not to appear for even a tiny cameo on the upcoming show.

It was just like a family reunion where some of the family members didn't show up.

Burn, John Stamos, burn. If you aren’t familiar with why he would make this comment, it’s because John Stamos and co. asked the Olsen twins to appear in the new season of Fuller House. The Olsen twins then said that they had never been asked, to which John Stamos famously called “bullshit.” It was a bold move, and later he said that some wires must have been crossed between the two parties, but clearly there’s still some lingering resentment if he’s willing to make a crack about it on late night TV.

After the Olsen twins ultimately opted to say no to Fuller House, the Netflix revival even tried to contact Olsen sister Elizabeth Olsen, who has been a big name in the movie world for the last several years now, recently taking a big role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It didn’t work out because she’s such a big name, but kudos for the team for giving it a shot. Now, Michelle will be written out, although her absence will be explained.

If you want to catch the full exchange, which also features a funny story about a time John Stamos hung out with his Full House pals, you can watch the video, below.

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Fuller House is currently moving forward over at Netflix and is expected to hit the streaming service on February 26. We’ve already gotten a very nostalgic first look at the new series, which is set to star DJ, Kimmy, Stephanie and DJ’s kids. In addition to Fuller House, you can check out the full schedule regarding what Netflix has coming up in 2016.

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