How Many Of These 90s TV Sidekicks Can You Name?

Lead characters might get the television commercials and the headlines, but it’s often the supporting characters who are the difference between a TV program being a lot of fun and stinking to high heaven. From annoying best friends to sassy love interests to school bullies, these lesser used players become fan favorites over the long haul, and they interject much needed emotions that add levity and depth. So, let’s take a look back and celebrate some of those great 90s supporting characters.

Below, you will find 10 TV sidekicks from the 1990s. I’ve gone ahead and included the name of the show, the years it was on the air, the actor or actress and some memorable traits. Examine the pictures and try to come up with a name.

Are you ready? Then let’s roll…

Round #1

TV Show: Full House

Years On The Air: 1987-1995

Played By: Andrea Barber

Best Known For: Being impulsive, annoying everyone all the time, lacking common sense, shopping without money, having offensive foot odor and hanging out with DJ Tanner.

She’s pretty much loathed by everyone in the Tanner Household that isn’t DJ.

Kimmy Gibbler

Round #2

TV Show: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Years On The Air: 1990-1996

Played By: Alfonso Ribeiro

Best Known For: Leaning hard to the right, dancing like it’s the first time ever moving his body, obsessing over Princeton, lacking social awareness and being involved in a familiar rivalry with Will Smith.

He started out as basically a punchline and counterpoint to Will Smith, but eventually, he became a pretty interesting, more developed character.

Carlton Banks

Round #3

TV Show: Seinfeld

Years On The Air: 1989-1998

Played By: Danny Woodburn

Best Known For: Having an army of ex-wives, fighting at the drop of a hat, impersonating little children, working as an elf, lacking height and doing everything with Kramer.

He doesn’t appear in a ton of episodes, but when he does, he steals scene after scene.

Mickey Abbott

Round #4

TV Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Years On The Air: 1997-2003

Played By: Alyson Hannigan

Best Known For: her shyness, tech-savviness, her crush on Xander. Later known for her skills with magic, her dark (and veiny) side, and her romance with Tara. Always known for being Buffy's best friend and trusted ally... except for that time she went evil.

She’s the second most important character on the show, and she really the perfect balance.

Willow Rosenberg

Round #5

TV Show: Saved By The Bell

Years On The Air: 1989-1993

Played By: Dustin Diamond

Best Known For: his high-pitched voice, extreme intelligence, creepy obsession with Lisa Turtle and complete idiocy. Also, in early seasons, his one of a kind robot and in later seasons, his girlfriend Violet Ann Bickerstaff. At all points, he’s Zack Morris’ best friend.

Because of the later incarnations he appeared on, as well, this character is probably more closely identified with Saved By The Bell than any other.

Screech Powers

Round #6

TV Show: Home Improvement

Years On The Air: 1991-1999

Played By: Richard Karn

Best Known For: Being good with his hands, lacking confidence with women, growing a thick beard, having an overbearing mother and being Tim Taylor’s best friend and almost constant adversary.

Look at that beard. It’s a thing of beauty.

Al Borland

Round #7

TV Show: The Wonder Years

Years On The Air: 1988-1993

Played By: Josh Saviano

Best Known For: Rocking terrible glasses, being a genius, attending a high class private school (briefly), sneezing like it’s his job, stabbing Kevin in the back by dating Winnie Cooper (briefly) and being Kevin’s best friend.

Like any friendship, this character and Kevin drift together and apart quite a bit, but in the end, they’ll always be joined at the hip in the minds of viewers.

Paul Pfeiffer

Round #8

TV Show: Doug

Years On The Air: 1991-1994, 1996-1999

Played By: Fred Newman

Best Known For: Having blue skin, making honking sounds, slicking his hair straight up, dropping damn near everything he’s asked to carry and hanging out with Doug Funnie almost constantly.

Let’s just be honest. Doug himself had a woefully underdeveloped personality. Luckily, his buddy here didn’t.

Skeeter Valentine

Round #9

TV Show: Beverly Hills, 90210

Years On The Air: 1990-2000

Played By: Ian Ziering

Best Known For: Having access to his dad’s money, partying on a regular basis, driving a Corvette, sometimes having an F- haircut, sometimes having a C+ haircut, being kind of a dumbass, eventually trying his hand at the newspaper business and generally being the random wingman on 90210 that Brandon needs.

If the average Beverly Hills, 90210 fan was asked to make a list of the show’s most important characters, this dude would not make anyone’s top five. That being said, he did bring a certain light-heartedness to the show.

Steve Sanders

Round #10

TV Show: The Drew Carey Show

Years On The Air: 1995-2004

Played By: Ryan Stiles

Best Known For: Creeping everyone out, saying bizarre things, having a genius level IQ, underachieving at life, being joined at the hip with Oswald and hanging out with Drew Carey on the regular.

The Drew Carey Show never really gave this character as much backstory as he deserved. There was clearly something weird going on there, but alas, now all we can do is speculate.

Lewis Kiniski

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