How Many Episodes Of Fuller House Season 2 John Stamos Will Appear In

John Stamos’ tenure on Grandfathered recently ended when Fox opted to cancel the show. In the time since, we’ve wondered if the actor might bump up his number of appearances on his other series Fuller House. The good news? He’s definitely popping up in Season 2, although it doesn't look as if the cancellation of his Fox series will have an affect on his number of appearances. Here’s what John Stamos has to say about the upcoming season of the Netflix comedy.

I'm acting in three episodes. Producing them all. And now that I have more time on my hand—I'm also doing craft service.

Poor John Stamos. I know the actor is joking about the craft services thing with E!, but it’s still pretty sad that his series was cancelled alongside Fox’s other new Tuesday night comedy The Grinder. The network TV schedule is pretty lengthy and grueling, which means Stamos should have a lot more free time on his hands right now. Currently, he’s busy producing and even appearing in Fuller House Season 2, which just started filming a few weeks ago. But by the time fall comes around and he’s finished up with his duties on the Netflix series, Stamos is going to have a lot of time on his hands.

I know that Fuller House is essentially a series about what D.J. and the gang are up to, but the show has upped a slew of the actors' contracts so that we’ll be seeing more individuals as series regulars in Season 2. Among those players who will get more screentime are Kimmy’s ex, Fernando, D.J.’s sometimes beau Steve, D.J.’s other romantic possibility Matt, and adorable teenaged gal pal Lola. You would think there would be more room for Stamos in there should he want to be involved. But maybe he’s in the show as much as he feels the story warrants.

John Stamos has been in a lot of failed TV comedies over the years, including Thieves, Jake in Progress and now Grandfathered. We’re guessing that once he finishes up with the new season of Fuller House, he'll start shopping around for another TV series. Thus, perhaps by the time the networks start getting together new projects for pilot season, he's name will be out there. If not, there are always new episodes of Fuller House to fall back on.

We'll let you know as soon as Stamos lands another gig that's not Fuller House. In the meantime, we know a ton about what is coming up in Fuller House Season 2. And if you want to see what has been cancelled and what has been renewed for next season, be sure to check out our network rundown, which features a full list of what is moving forward and what is not.

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